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Shape the future of energy with technology innovations that increase energy supply and reduce demand from smart cities, infrastructure, vehicles and homes, while minimising their environmental impact.

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Create intelligent spaces and buildings with digital twins

Germany-based thyssenkrupp and its partner Willow are increasing space and energy efficiency, using digital twin technology to contextualise data from IoT sensors that monitor all of a building’s systems.

Put home energy management securely in your customers’ hands

E.ON, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, is bringing the energy infrastructure in the home together in a seamless and secure way, giving their customers control over their energy cost and sustainability goals.

Intelligent power management

Eaton’s energy management circuit breaker (EMCB) transforms the circuit breaker into a smart utility management device that can be monitored and controlled without compromising safety, enabling connected solutions that use the cloud and IoT.

Create smarter commercial properties

CBRE creates virtual replicas of the spaces, devices and people within buildings and uses IoT sensor data to reveal actionable insights into the way spaces and energy are being occupied and used with Azure Digital Twins.

Driving mobility-as-a-service

Moovit is simplifying urban mobility and making it accessible to people across the disability spectrum, reducing congestion and reshaping the future with its mobility-as-a-service platform and app that serves over 400 million users across 2,700 cities and 90 countries.

Charging electric vehicles intelligently

Allego’s pan-European network of 9,500 charge points offers a seamless charging experience for cities, companies and consumers by helping grid operators and energy suppliers adapt to energy demand using Azure Digital Twins.

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