Explore the latest learnings and improvements for a more secure cloud.

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Products built to be secure from the start

Grow with confidence knowing that security is built into everything we develop and deliver.

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Microsoft built-in security

Take advantage of out-of-the-box security and a commitment to helping modern enterprises grow with confidence.

Processes that focus on defense in depth

Innovate boldly with platforms that prioritize security at every phase of design and development.

Protection against ever-evolving threats

Stay ahead of cybercriminals with the latest innovations in machine learning and AI.

Partnerships with the global security community

See how our international collaboration helps safeguard your digital world.

Get solutions with integrated security advantages

Worry less about cyberthreats and focus on growing your business with built-in security features.

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Protect your workloads in Azure

Identify and protect against threats with native controls and services.

Windows chip-to-cloud security

See why businesses experienced a reported 58% drop in security incidents with Windows 11 Pro devices.

Get to know the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle

Explore this security-first development methodology that helps you incorporate critical protections.

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Customer Stories 

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Campari Group

“[By] taking advantage of the capabilities in Azure…in a few days, we were able to [bring] key business capabilities back online.”

Matthew Zeidler: Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture and Technology

Elite Construction Development

Elite Construction & Development

“We’re accepted for high-security projects because we can demonstrate that with Azure, our security is up to spec.”

Trinidad (Trini) Garibay: Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder

A healthcare provider resting a hand on the shoulder of a patient


“We have a leg up on security that would have been more difficult to achieve in our own datacenters.” 

Guido Gallopyn: Vice President of Healthcare Research

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Flanders Government of Belgium

“We’re very excited to…use [Microsoft’s] identity system to ensure trusted access to [citizen] data.”

John Bruce, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of Inrupt

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Learn more about the cybersecurity landscape

Explore resources to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

Resources to help you heighten your security

See how your current security measures up to industry standards and how you can improve your position.

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Learn more about advanced Microsoft security solutions

Expand on your Microsoft product’s core security capabilities with advanced solutions that provide comprehensive protection across clouds and platforms.

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