Screen sharing

Enhance meetings and boost productivity by sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams.

Person seated at a large table in a creative studio sharing their laptop screen with a group in a Teams meeting. The Teams meeting is also displayed on a large wall-mounted monitor.

Work together from anywhere, on any device, simply by sharing your screen while participating in a Teams call or meeting. Look at content collectively, even when you’re apart.

Person seated in an office engaged in a Teams meeting displayed on a desktop monitor

Keep everyone on the same page

Clarify communication in a chat or meeting by sharing your screen so everyone can see the same content at the same time.

Choose what you share

Select exactly what you want others to see—whether it’s your desktop, a browser window, a specific app, or file. It’s simple with the screen sharing feature in Teams.

Screenshot of screen sharing options available during a Teams call showing you can share your desktop, a browser window, a specific app, or a file.
Three people engaged in a Teams meeting displayed on a tablet or laptop screen

Make meetings more than a conversation

Whether training a new employee, brainstorming with the digital whiteboard, or presenting at a company-wide town hall, screen sharing improves communication and helps keep meetings focused.

Collaborate easily

Increase collaboration in meetings by letting anyone share their screen. When someone is finished presenting and stops sharing their screen, other participants can begin.

Person seated at a table engaged in a Teams meeting on a Surface in laptop mode
Person sharing their screen in a Teams meeting using a Surface Studio 2 and a tablet device

Share from any device

Use your computer, tablet, or mobile device to share from almost anywhere. Or use them together in meetings for more flexibility and better communications.

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