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Five people smiling and using Teams for video calling.

Voice and video calling

Stay connected with everyone on your team when you use a video call app like Teams on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Connect face-to-face with video calling

Make and receive video calls directly in Microsoft Teams so you can stay in touch and get more done no matter where you are.

Foster collaboration

Work together in real time and engage in a deeper, more personal way with online video chat.

Stay in the flow of work

Work smarter by bringing together calling, video chat, meetings, and collaboration, all in one app.

Increase productivity

The visual nature of a video call online lets people express more faster.

Get set up quickly

Easily add, monitor, and manage video calling from the Teams admin center.

Connect more effectively with video calling

See how to make meetings and calls more engaging and meaningful with video.

  • A tablet showing two people who are on a video call in Teams.

    Video calling features

    Get a quick look at some of the helpful video calling features in Teams.

    The Share content panel being displayed in a Teams video call.

    Share your screen during a call

    Share content like your entire desktop, just one window, a PowerPoint file, or a whiteboard. Easily stop sharing when you’re done.

    A Teams video call that is being recorded and has a live transcription being shown on the right side of the call.

    Record calls for yourself and others

    Record your video chat for future reference or to share with others who couldn’t join the call. It’s easy using a video chat app on your device.

    A Teams video call in Together mode showing all members of the call in one room at a table together.

    Change or blur your background

    Choose from premade backgrounds, upload your own, or use intelligent technology that blurs your background.

    A Teams video call where a Presenter is giving a presentation titled Q3 Sales Report.

    Give and get instant feedback

    Raise your hand virtually to let others know you have a question during an online video call, or respond with a thumbs up, heart, or applause.

    A Teams video call in Together mode showing the participants in an auditorium-style environment.

    Choose how video call participants appear

    Spotlight a speaker’s video or switch to gallery view to show multiple people. Try together mode to see everyone at the same time in a virtual space.

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  • Two people in a conference room wearing PPE while participating in a Teams video call being displayed on a large television.

    Video calling benefits

    Get a quick look at some of the benefits of using free video calling in Teams.

    A sales presentation being edited in real-time by members of a Teams video call.

    Connect with others faster

    Save time and encourage real-time collaboration instead of emailing back and forth.

    A Teams video call with many participants and a Participants list being shown on the screen.

    Empower your teams by providing flexibility

    Reduce location constraints by allowing people to connect face-to-face with a video chat anytime, anywhere.

    A Teams video call with a banner indicating to participants that the call is being recorded.

    Skip taking notes and stay in the moment

    With recording and automatic transcription, you don’t have to worry about losing the meeting information, so you can focus on the conversation.

    A laptop displaying a Teams video call and chat.

    Get more done with fewer disruptions

    Help everyone focus by muting participants and keeping side conversations in the chat instead of interrupting the speaker.

    A Teams video call with one group together in a conference room and the other participants dialing in from other locations.

    Engage your team and provide a sense of belonging

    With remote and hybrid work, connection is crucial. Seeing others’ facial expressions can help engage your team and decrease feelings of isolation.

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  • A person wearing over-the-ear headphones and holding a tablet.

    More about video calling

    Learn more about what you can do with a video chat app like Teams.

    Teams Meeting options being displayed in a browser.

    Invite external guests to join

    Invite anyone to join your video call, even if they’ve never used Teams before. All they need is a valid email address.

    A person using Whiteboard to present meeting notes on a large touchscreen device.

    Share meeting notes with others

    After the video call, stay organized by uploading meeting notes into the same Teams meeting thread for easy reference.

    A desktop display of a Teams video call and a mobile display of a Teams call.

    Choose from a variety of video calling devices

    Start a live video chat with one-touch join on Teams Rooms devices from our certified partners Logitech, Crestron, Poly, Lenovo, HP, and Yealink.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Phone calling or conference calling is a phone call between two or more participants with audio input and output. Video calling or video conferencing is a call between two or more participants that provides video, as well as audio, input, and output. It provides the benefit of being able to see the expressions and reactions of other people on the call, in addition to being able to hear what they’re saying.

  • Video calling and conferencing enables real-time collaboration, increases productivity, saves time, and helps people who are working remote feel less isolated and more engaged. If participants in a group video call, or video conference, don’t feel like being on camera, they can always opt to turn it off and just leave their microphone on. Some video calling and conferencing solutions even allow people to blur or change their background to add privacy without losing the ability to connect face to face.

  • Remote work and working from home have increased dramatically so being able to communicate and collaborate in real time with a video call or conference fosters productivity, participation, and morale. During times that keep people apart, video calling helps fulfill our need to work and be together.

  • There are many benefits to using a software application (app) developed for real-time online collaboration such as video calling and conferencing in addition to other capabilities including file sharing and calendaring. That’s because the software is designed specifically to create a better overall experience for people who want to chat, call, and collaborate online—anywhere and anytime. What’s more, a video calling and conferencing application that’s integrated seamlessly with an entire suite of productivity apps—versus a stand-alone app—provides additional timesaving, workflow, and ease-of-use benefits.

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