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Welcome to the mixed reality partner ecosystem

Learn about the opportunities and benefits of becoming a mixed reality partner.

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Meet the makers in mixed reality

Mixed reality partners are a community of technology and business experts on a mission to help customers accelerate their digital transformations with mixed reality technologies.

Independent software vendors (ISVs)

Organizations that develop software that runs on third party or Microsoft software or hardware platforms like Windows, Dynamics, Azure, HoloLens, IoS, and Android.

Systems integrators

Organizations that have technology and business consulting-based practices to deliver end-to-end solutions for their clients (from envisioning to deployment and change management) and specialize in integrating component subsystems and ensuring that they function together.

Digital agencies

Organizations that build dynamic creative and digital solutions and have experience designing 3D, augmented reality, or mixed reality experiences for their customers.

It's a great time to be a mixed reality partner

Find new and greater opportunities, increase revenue, and improve customer relationships by offering mixed reality capabilities through your organization.

Increase your market

Most of the 2.6 billion first-line workers worldwide have need for the 3D content and environment understanding mixed reality provides. Further, Forrester finds 22.8 million employees in the enterprise workforce are doing jobs that will benefit from mixed reality. And, International Data Corporation forecasts triple-digit growth of the AR device market over the next three years.

Move faster with business-ready solutions

Enable rich user experiences that improve collaboration, increase productivity, and solve real-world problems right out of the box. Integrate HoloLens iOS, and Android-based devices with a broad set of services like AI, IoT, SaaS applications, and cloud services.

Build from Microsoft's commitment and investment

With the reliability, security, and scalability of Microsoft's mixed reality hardware and cloud services at your back, build and deploy tailored mixed reality solutions from day one. Generate rapid returns for customers early, then continue the trend using future apps with APIs that can extend functionality.

Why become a mixed reality partner?

Reach millions of customers with global sales, extensive partnerships, and go-to-market resources.

Bring in more revenue

A recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that ISVs building their mixed reality solutions with Azure see 264 percent higher mixed reality practice revenues.

Grow your impact and influence

Become a trusted advisor to your customers by offering strategies, plans, and guidance for implementing mixed reality solutions built on Azure.

Deliver modern experiences

Modernize and differentiate your business with mixed reality solutions built for specific industries and scenarios.

Sell alongside Microsoft

List your Azure-based mixed reality applications in our marketplaces, collaborate with other Microsoft cloud partners, and jointly close deals with our sales force.


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