Who said rocket science wasn’t FOR EVERYBODY! Kerbal Space Program puts you in charge of the recently launched space program for a fun & clever alien race – the Kerbals. These little guys are counting on you to build spaceships, rockets & vehicles that can take off & hold on during COOL space travel missions, without hurting them in the process… EXPLORE SPACE, DISCOVER NEW PLANETS AND CONQUER THE UNIVERSE You’ll have a collection of parts & tools to accomplish this, each one with unique functionalities that will affect your ship & it’s chances of taking off (or crashing). THIS ALL HAPPENS IN A Realistic, physics-based space flight simulator that ensures everything will fly (or crash) as it should in real life. The game offers three gameplay modes: Sandbox, where you’re free to build anything your imagination can come up with; Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments & advance the knowledge of Kerbals to unlock new technologies; and Career Mode, where you control every aspect of the space program, including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called “contracts” to earn funds & upgrade your space center facilities (or repair them). Moving on to deep space, KSP lets you capture asteroids (in game levels designed in collaboration with NASA), launch mining programs to find resources across the furthest reaches of the galaxy & build space stations in all the planets you discover. It all adds up to this award-winning game that has taken the space sim genre by storm. Fun facts • The vehicle assembly buildings & space plane hangars allow players to build spaceships, rockets & vehicles using any imaginable combination of parts. • Realistic, physics-based space flight simulation ensures everything will fly (or crash) as it should in real life. • You’re free to take your Kerbal crew out of ships for “extra-vehicular” activities. • Discover new moons & planets. • KSP delivers detailed terrain at a vast scale. The Kerbal planet alone is 600km in radius! • Keep an eye out for engine temperatures and fuel levels or your ship will explode… not that it isn’t fun! • Full control over the ship’s setup allows for complex flight maneuvers & advanced functionality. • Dock your spacecrafts together to build space stations, massive starships or surface bases on new planets. • Manage your crewmembers, from hiring & training to sending them onto space to become heroes. • Research & develop new technologies to advance the Kerbal's space program. • Extract valuable resources from all over the galaxy • And a whole lot more!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Good game

i really love this game but there is one bug a that needs fixing BADLY there is a bug that happens after i recover a vehicle and it really sucks it doesnt let me set targets or manuver nodes and leaves me flying blind and then it will continue to not work unless i restart the game so PLEASE look into this PS: are there any plans to add the cheats menu on xbox one? is there a secret way to accsess it let the xbob one community know thanks

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Fun for a time

This game can be really fun when you start to play. Building the rockets is a blast, no pun intended. The drawback to the game though is once you are good to great at building the rockets, the game starts to lose its fun quickly.




Platform: Xbox


This game almost is a mirror of real space. Gravity is done simple where your only influence is by whatever your orbiting. And designing rockets is easy... ish. you can choose to calculate delta v needed or just use brute force by adding more boosters.

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Platform: Xbox


Seems like this could be a very fun game. the controls are a bit funky, but that isnt a major issue. There are, however, core features that are broken. one example is that you cannot set navigation targets. when attempting to do sp: the game slows to a stuttering crawl and you are never able to set a target.

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Adapted Thought

Platform: Xbox

Best entry yet...

While the appeal of this game may appear on the surface to resemble one of hundreds of kids only entries, rest assured there are some very adult things happening here with regard to science. Never before have I played a game on sole of PC alike that has tackled the creation, management and performance of the technologies available to NASA. Focusing more on what we already know to be true and allowing for gamers to dream along with the likes of the great space pioneers is all together a pleasure in this latest of break out space simulation gaming. While, it is a little confoundedly frustrating that its centered around little green people in a universe that doesn't exist, one wonders what might be in store soon when the likes of Elite Dangerous and the physics core of a three tier removed graphic styling of minecraft combine with the high production values of the big developers. Kudos to everyone involved in this game as it is pioneering a new line of virtuality with known reailty.

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Platform: Xbox

Great game poor Craftmanship from Squad ported by Flyin

As I write this i want to say great game i love it but the XB1 version of it is not worth buying until they fix it. the game often crashes leaving you reloading only to fine that your auto and manual saves are gone having to replay the game. This has been an on going issue from the start, i have even contacted support more than once and the only responce i have gotten is we are aware of the issue and are working to fix it but have no time line of a patch fixing it. Once again a 5 star game with a 0 star for coding. i will update this if and when they update the game. 1.1 and no fix yet.

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Platform: Xbox

Great Game but would be better with 2 things

It is a great game, but It needs support for the Afterglow pristine controller. Also I think it needs the menu with infinite fuel like the one on the computer.

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Platform: Xbox


i just wish you can share planes an suc. id like mods in the future too.



Solo 777

Platform: Xbox

Change the UI and controls!

The Minecraft game for geniuses. I love all the problem solving but my GOD the controls are a nightmare! When you're creating a console version it's ok to tweak the game design to benefit the controller, seriously think outside the box c'mon! Anyway, great game, but far more enjoyable to play on a PC. Bought the console version for gaming convenience, not ecstatic about that decision.

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Platform: Xbox

great game but with a game breaking bug

its a outstanding game with good graphics but a not all the graphics are amazing on the mun you can see alot of looping and where is this infinite fuel cheat ive heard so much about finally the bug report so ive had some save files not much accomplished i had built a huge rocket to go to minmus but icrashed and when i get back on all the progress ive made before that crash is gone, the stuff ive done inbetween crashes are still there (theres many crashes) nothing was different what did i do to get these results

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