2022 - 2023

Illustration of four people laying down a large puzzle piece, standing on a floor of other puzzle pieces. Two figures hold on to the blue side of the puzzle while another two hold on to the purple side.

Special Report · April 20, 2023

The New Performance Equation in the Age of AI

New research shows that employee engagement matters to the bottom line—especially amid economic uncertainty

Illustration of three people in a sailboat working together to navigate choppy waters. In the distance, several sailboats on placid waters are visible.

Special Report · September 22, 2022

Hybrid Work Is Just Work

New data points to three urgent pivots for leaders to help employees and organizations thrive.

Illustration of hot air balloons ascending into the sky. A person running toward a balloon that is taking off receives a helping hand from another person who is already in the basket of the balloon.

Annual Report · March 16, 2022

Making Hybrid Work Work

From when to go to the office to why work in the first place, employees have a new “worth it” equation. And there’s no going back.

Three frontline workers, one in an apron, one in a hard hat, one with a stethoscope, in front of a colorful illustrated background.

Special Report · January 12, 2022

The Year of the Frontline Worker

New data shows that now is the time to empower the frontline with the right digital tools


A figure chisels a stone sculpture. Another paints a landscape. Between them, a figure hands each the tools they need to do their jobs.

Special Report · September 9, 2021

A Culture of Trust and Flexibility

Microsoft employee survey data shows the importance of embracing different work styles—and the power of simple conversations

An illustration of a person resting between two meetings.

Special Report · April 20, 2021

Your Brain Needs a Break

New options help you carve out downtime between meetings

A giant hand draws lines that connect a series of tiny people. The lines form an arrow pointing the way forward.

Special Report · March 30, 2021

Managers Keep Teams Connected

Researchers found that feelings of connection among Microsoft’s teams diminished during the pandemic. They also discovered the remedy.

Abstract paper cut illustration of concentric woman's silhouette in profile with moon over water at the center

Annual Report · March 22, 2021

Are We Ready for Hybrid Work?

Exclusive research and expert insights into a year of work like no other reveal urgent trends leaders should consider as hybrid work unfolds.


A person on a stepladder replacing the yellow light on a stoplight.

Special Report · September 22, 2020

A Checkup on Employee Wellbeing

Explore how the pandemic is impacting wellbeing at work around the world.

People surfing on a wavy ocean made up of striated data charts.

Special Report · July 8, 2020

The Knowns and Unknowns of the Future of Work

Learn how a sudden shift to remote work may have lasting effects around the world.

People climbing out of a video conferencing icon and walking around freely.

Special Report · April 9, 2020

Remote Work Trend Report: Meetings

See how global meeting habits changed during the world’s largest work-from-home mandate.