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Live Conversations

Captioned and translated conversations for one-on-one or group chats

Whether it’s a quick conversation with a parent, a one-on-one meeting with a student, or a parent-teacher conference with many parents, the Translator conversation feature is a tool to help break communication barriers for English language learners and for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

You can also have an impromptu conversation with a parent using the app’s Split Screen feature – which lets you speak two languages into one device, translating the conversation in real-time.

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Captioned and translated conversations

The Translator conversation feature helps English language learners, deaf, or hard-of-hearing students or parents communicate with one another in class or for one-on-one chats.

Translator app split-screen feature

One-on-one chats

Use the microphone or split-screen microphone to translate between two languages using a single device. The split-screen mic can be found by tapping the green microphone button in the app.

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Study groups

Work with students and discuss group projects across many languages. English language learners and deaf or hard-of-hearing students can follow along in their language with captions.

Rochester Institute of Technology uses Translator to break communication barriers on campus Watch how Translator can be a useful resource when attempting to communicate in real-life scenarios.

Translator for one-on-one meetings

In this video, a professor and a student who is hard-of-hearing are meeting one-on-one. The student is having difficulty reading the professor’s lips, so she takes out pen and paper to communicate, but it’s very time-consuming and inefficient to write every sentence on paper. Watch how Translator can be a useful resource when attempting to communicate in real-life scenarios.

Illustration of a globe with the word 'Hello' translated into many different languagesLANGUAGES

Supported languages

Visit our languages page to see if your language is supported in the apps.

The Translator conversation feature in the appsLEARN MORE

Translator conversation feature

Learn how to use the Translator conversation feature and the split-screen feature for live conversations. Visit this page to check out all the features and download the app.

a mobile phone is scanning a QR code to join a live conversation in the Translator appSEE IT IN ACTION

Case Study

Learn how a middle school used the Translator app to have a multilingual parent meeting.