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This time, you were invited to take a group photo in a big, historical mansion. The place is spooky. You realize how scary it truly is when a monster takes your friend Millie through a portal in front of a crowd. He took her to the world of the dead, so you will have to risk your life to save her. Luckily, you have help: Professor Power and his sister Astra will help you get there, and a ghost called Faceless certainly wants to be your friend and trick Allister on his home turf. Will it be enough? Also, not to brag, but the party host Anna Charlestone has some experience with going against the supernatural as well, even though she’s not telling you about it… What kind of dark secrets does this girl hide? Your own choices! The decisions you make throughout your journey will have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the lives of those around you but entire worlds beyond. Attend a Halloween party at a haunted mansion and witness the terrifying abduction of your friend Millie! A variety of achievements! Risk everything as you confront otherworldly challenges and navigate treacherous terrain! Sharpen your wits by solving intricate puzzles and enjoy moments of respite with engaging mini-games, all while earning an array of achievements that showcase your mastery! Trick and treat! Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit with bonus materials that capture the essence of the holiday, adding an extra layer of festive enjoyment to your adventure! Collectible items! Explore the eerie mansion and its surroundings to discover a wide array of collectible items, each holding its own significance and potentially offering valuable clues to unravel the mystery!

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