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Dynamics 365

We create intelligent business applications using innovative solutions, the HoloLens, IoT, AI and mobile apps …

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GitHub /npm.Inc

We are the world’s largest developer community. GitHub gives teams everything they need to ship better software faster.

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Quantum research

We drive ground-breaking research in quantum computing with our team at the University of Copenhagen and in the Microsoft Quantum Material Lab on site

Graduate Software Engineer Software Engineering Manager Program Manager UX Designer Quantum Students and Interns
All positions Students
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Social benefits of working at Microsoft Development such as activity groups, networks, Thursday cake, social events and The Garage.

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Find people to help you get started, great learning opportunities, access to tech talks and conferences, flexibility and responsibility early on.

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Meet our people

Who are we? Some would call us real-life ninja cats. We are diverse and from many backgrounds but most of all, we are passionate about what we do.
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