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Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

We push the limits of technology, developing intelligent business applications and creating tomorrow’s quantum computing solutions

Who we are

  • 70% internationals and +50 nationalities

  • Business Apps, Developer tools & Quantum Computing

  • 350 Software Engineers & Quantum Scientists

  • Most attractive IT-Workplace according to Version2

Our Community

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen we are not just co-workers. We are a community! To be a member of our team is to be part of a culture travelling from scrum-room-collaboration to lunch break conversations and into after-hours activities.

Join us for a fun time in the Garage, experimenting with new technologies, going rock climbing, playing board games or chatting in the Friday bar.

International and Inclusive Environment

Our office in Lyngby brings the world together. With more than 50 different nationalities, we are proud to lead the way in diversity and inclusion – and our hybrid work approach makes teamwork possible wherever you are.

Progress in diversity and inclusion doesn't happen without real work, so our commitment to secure everybody's right to be who they are remains strong every day.

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What we do

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen you will always be a part of something bigger.
We bring people together today to build the solutions of tomorrow.
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    Business application development

    We create intelligent business applications using AI and innovative solutions to enable every team to stay agile and do more with less.

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    Quantum research

    We drive ground-breaking research in quantum computing at our advanced quantum research labs.

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    Developer community

    We build developer tools for the world’s largest developer community. GitHub gives teams everything they need to ship better software faster.

Meet our people

Who we hire

We spark ideas, set ground-breaking standards, and encourage new talent to grow
– no matter if you are into developing business applications, quantum research or just passionate about tech.


Check out our many career opportunities here

  • You'll be building creative solutions with huge impact and get constant feedback as you develop your career in coding. The software, tools, and code you build can be used in support of design, infrastructure, and technology platforms as well as commercial or end-user applications. You’ll use current programming language and technologies to write code, perform testing, and debug any issues with robust documentation, procedures for deployment, and processes for maintenance. May interact with users to define system requirements and/or necessary modifications.
  • You’ll play an important role in driving the technical details for projects for their product teams. You need to understand the design, code, and features of related different areas, quickly come up to speed and implement features that delight customers and partners via their intuitiveness, attention to detail, and responsiveness. You must be able to design and implement services that are high scale, low latency, always on, low cost to maintain and operate. Work with principal engineers and architects to produce the right design for their components and help influence the development of common patterns. You have good partnership and influencing skills and are motivated and able to collaborate with other engineers and teams.
  • You should have a good understanding of customers’ needs and the ability to act as technical advisor with customers to evangelize products, solicit feedback, and support field sellers where needed.

    You’ll lead the development and implementation process for products and services typically involving large, complex cross-functional implementation with multiple internal teams or external partners. Additionally, efforts such as designing product architecture and solutions to complex technical needs, identifying trends in product quality and performance to define or change existing features; prioritizing and delivering on the roadmap; managing project schedules and release plans; monitoring product/service performance and driving continuous improvement in quality, profitability, supportability, and delivery.

  • You’ll design user experiences that include artificial intelligence, data visualization, smart automation, and accessibility support across mobile apps and web applications. You will design products that business people use all day in their job, so you will have a high positive impact on the work experience of large user populations. You will also contribute with explorations that influence our long-term strategy, vision and UX direction of Microsoft’s products, also outside of our product group. To apply, you must have a relevant education in interaction design and an interest in simplifying complex tasks for business users.
  • You'll work in our quantum labs to create the future of quantum computing. Our teams consist of diverse multiple roles, experts in physics, materials science, mechanical engineering, within hardware, research, program management and lab work.
  • You’ll build a strong foundation for your career by working on real-world projects using our cutting-edge technologies. Make valuable connections and have lots of fun along the way!
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Join us

Are you looking for exciting challenges, great learning opportunities, an open and diverse environment with talented people? Then you should join our team at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.

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