About Engineering Program
Microsoft's Engineering program has been at the cutting edge of innovation and technology in Ireland for many years. Graduates have the opportunity to work in small, focused and stable teams of highly motivated and talented developers. We provide each of our engineers with an opportunity to make a real impact on our environment, our business and the direction of our industry-standard products. And we’ll make sure you continue to learn and grow your skill set.​

What skills do I need?

You're currently studying an engineering discipline at university and you have a strong understanding​
of computer science fundamentals, data structures and algorithms.​
You can code in one of the main object-orientated​
programming languages.​
You've already demonstrated a passion for technology, perhaps by your involvement in these or other activities: university class projects, extra-curricular projects, previous internships, work experience, hackathons, computer societies, app/web development.​

What do we offer?


What roles are you recruiting for?​
We recruit for Software Engineers and Program Managers.​
When do applications open/close?​
Our applications open up from 1st August 2018 and will remain open until 30th June 2019. However we recommend that you apply as early as possible to make sure your resume gets reviewed.​
What is the main coding language in Microsoft and what happens if I don’t have it?​
We only require you to be knowledgeable in one of the main object-oriented program languages (C#, TypeScript or JavaScript). You will have time in your new role to learn and pick up a second language if needed.​
When will I hear back from Microsoft?​
Due to the large volume of applications, it may take a few weeks to get an update on your application – but don’t worry, you will hear from us as soon as possible.​