Rachael Harris


12/01/1968 (52 years old) Worthington, Ohio, United States

Although this perpetually bespectacled deadpan funny lady has appeared in a slew of cutting-edge comic series (Reno 911!, The Sarah Silverman Program), Harris is best recognized for her high-profile commercial gigs, including ads for GEICO, AVIS and T-Mobile. A former performer and teacher for Los Angeles' famed Groundlings improv troupe, she did TV guest spots and a stint as a Daily Show correspondent before landing her breakout role as the title character's makeup artist cum confidante on Fat Actress. Having found her niche as a wisecracking best bud, she played a similar part on the sitcom Notes from the Underbelly as a pregnant wife's anti-spawning friend. Well-known and well-liked in the comedy community, Harris has also landed dry-witted roles in big-screen laughers, including Will Ferrell's Kicking & Screaming, Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care and a string of improvised Christopher Guest flicks. After playing Ed Helms' overbearing girlfriend in 2009's The Hangover, Harris took on a role that played against type when she portrayed the mom in 2010's family film Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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