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Microsoft Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Partner Advisory Board

Recent years have proven that the future economy will be digital. For Canada to lead, we need to empower all organizations, including those viewed as “traditional,” to accelerate innovation by leveraging the right technologies.

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) offers seemingly limitless potential for organizations across industries and sectors, including operational efficiencies, real-time data-informed decision making, and even augmenting human creativity and innovation. However, a recent survey from Microsoft Canada found that just 12 per cent of business decision makers are currently using AI / machine learning, and only another 15 per cent have plans to start using it in the foreseeable future.

To help organizations recognize the benefits and accelerate the adoption of AI and other emerging technologies in Canada, we have created The Microsoft Canada Artificial Intelligence Partner Advisory Board (aiPAB). This industry group is comprised of senior-level experts in data and AI from Microsoft Canada, certified Microsoft partners and advisors from academia, industry and non-profit organizations who come together to tackle pressing issues in the Canadian technology landscape. Board members include Adastra, AltaML, Avanade, BDO-Lixar, E&Y, IBM, KPMG, MNP Digital,, NTT Digital, PureFacts, Slalom, and our Advisors, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) and IDC.

At Microsoft, we are privileged to work with innovative business-decision makers who are leveraging new technology to transform their organizations. We see first-hand the endless possibilities that AI can provide – whether it’s chatbots to give virtual support, improved cancer screening for healthcare organizations, or fraud detection for financial firms. The goal of our new aiPAB is to help accelerate partner innovation and encourage Canadian businesses to unlock the value that new technology brings.

The Board meets regularly and frequently forms subcommittees to collaboratively tackle tangible initiatives that we hope will raise the knowledge, awareness, and adoption of AI in Canada. To learn more about Microsoft Canada’s aiPAB and some innovative AI projects conducted by Board members, you can view our 2022 Case Study Booklet or watch the first aiPAB webinar in a series about embarking on your AI journey.

These results are drawn from a survey conducted by Fuse Insights on behalf of Microsoft Canada. A total of 658 business decision-makers from across Canada, representing a range of company sizes and industries, were surveyed online in English and French in December 2021.