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We must build inclusive cultures

Learn more about Microsoft’s approach to Accessibility and explore products and features designed to empower everyone.

Accessibility tools to empower your team

Create content your way and for everyone

Whether you have low mobility, or want to make sure you’re making content that everyone can use, features like Dictate and Accessibility Checker in the Office apps help empower you and those you work with.

A stylus touching the Dictate button in Microsoft Word on a tablet device
Image of four people in a Microsoft Teams meeting, smiling and captions are displayed at bottom of screen

Include everyone in your meetings and discussions

Use live captions and subtitles in Microsoft Teams to make meetings more inclusive for attendees who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have different levels of language proficiency.

Understand content in a way that works for you

Whether you have dyslexia and need support reading, or just have your hands full and want a document read aloud, Immersive Reader can help you learn and get more done more quickly.

Image of text file, and the Immersive Reader feature is open, with bright green page color, and highlighted word

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