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Maximize efficiency with process mapping

Easily document a workflow or process to boost clarity and identify opportunities for improvement. Solve problems and make informed decisions.

Think visually. Make smart decisions and increase efficiency. Get the latest Visio apps on the web and your desktop, and 2 GB of OneDrive storage with Visio Plan 2, our most powerful diagramming suite yet.
Process map displayed in Visio on a Surface laptop

Define your process visually

Take the confusion out of any process by mapping out the details. Choose from an array of professional templates to build everything from a basic sequence to a methodology-based process diagram.

Control process quality through collaboration

Share, edit, and view your process map from any browser or device. Coauthor*, collaborate, and gather instant feedback with in-app commenting and easy version control.

Two people working together. One is holding a closed Surface laptop while another works on a Surface laptop in studio mode.
A person writing something by hand while seated at a desk with two large desktop monitors.

Set goals, outline roles, and eliminate redundancies

Establish project goals and define team roles easily with a process diagram. Arrange objects and their relationships to identify potential gaps, bottlenecks, or overlaps in a workflow or value stream mapping.

Put all the right information in one place

Provide additional details in your Visio process map using clickable symbols. Link from a symbol to an Excel spreadsheet or other data source for even more context.

Two people seated across from each other having a discussion and looking at a laptop screen.
A person working alone on a Surface Pro in an office.

Help identify potential compliance issues through visualization

Simplify compliance by visualizing each step and factor in a process, then identify which elements should change or improve to meet industry standards.

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Best practices

See how process mapping software can help your business succeed.

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Build a process flow diagram in Visio.

Do more with Visio

Gain additional business insights with data visualization.

* To work on a drawing at the same time, all authors on Windows need Visio Plan 2 and must be using the Visio desktop app.

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