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Activate the potential in your data faster with the latest evolution of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform—Microsoft Fabric.

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Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Maximize the value of your data and reduce costs with an integrated data and AI platform.

Do more with less

Move beyond the cost and complexity of point solutions with a unified data and AI platform. Adapt rapidly, add layers of intelligence to apps, generate predictive insights, and govern all your data—wherever it resides.

Accelerate innovation

Improve productivity with automation and AI—and focus your resources on creating business value.

Achieve agility

Anticipate change and empower faster decision-making with an integrated data platform.

Build on a trusted platform

Protect and govern your data with the security and privacy controls required in today’s digital world.

Discover a seamless data solution

Make your data and AI management even more comprehensive and powerful with a single, flexible platform for databases, analytics, AI, and data governance.
Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform that is a single, flexible platform for databases, analytics, AI, and data governance working together with Microsoft Cloud

Explore data solutions—and see how to get started

Find solutions for removing points of friction between your databases, analytics, and AI systems while automatically mapping and governing your full data estate.

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    Build cloud-native applications or modernize existing applications with fully managed, flexible databases.

    Azure SQL

    Get flexible options for application migration, modernization, and development.

    Azure Cosmos DB

    Build or modernize scalable, high-performance apps with a fully managed NoSQL database service.

    Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB

    Learn how to get immediate, in-the-moment insights from your operational data in Azure Cosmos DB with Azure Synapse Link.

    A diagram showing how Azure Synapse Analytics works with SQL Server 2022, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse and Azure Synapse Link for Cosmos DB.

    Azure Synapse Link for SQL

    Automatically move data from both operational databases and business applications without time-consuming extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.

    A diagram showing how Azure Arc enabled infrastructure and Azure Arc enabled services make up Azure Arc

    Azure Arc-enabled data services

    Extend cloud data services and management anywhere—on premises, at the edge, and across multicloud environments.

    SQL Server 2022

    Try SQL Server 2022, the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet, with continued innovation across performance, security, and availability.

    The Welcome screen in Azure Data Studio.

    SQL developer tools

    Get tools and APIs for your preferred platform that help you build intelligent, data-driven apps—fast.

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    Analyze large volumes of data in near real-time with no extract, transform, and load (ETL) process—and no impact on transactional workload performance.

    A developer's notebook in Azure Synapse Analytics.

    Create an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace

    Learn how to use the Azure portal to create an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace.

    A Sales Dashboard in Azure Synapse Analytics.

    Using Power BI and Microsoft Azure together

    See how to use Power BI and Azure together to connect, combine, and analyze your entire data estate.

    The Microsoft Fabric homepage

    Microsoft Fabric

    Bring together your data and analytics tools in one place to uncover and deliver insights to people across your organization with Microsoft Fabric.

    Azure Databricks

    Unify analytics and machine learning on an open and governed lakehouse foundation.

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    AI and Machine Learning

    Accelerate growth, elevate experiences, and gain a competitive edge with powerful AI and machine learning solutions.

    Azure AI services

    Drive business results and improve customer experiences with a portfolio of AI services designed to help you build and deploy your own AI solutions.

    The default directory in Azure Machine Learning Studio

    Azure Machine Learning

    Build, train, and deploy machine learning models faster with a trusted end-to-end platform.

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    Data Governance

    Make it possible for anyone in your organization—whether they’re a data scientist, data analyst or domain expert—to explore, access, and analyze data.

    Microsoft Purview

    Manage your data with a unified data governance solution that helps you maximize the business value of your data.

    A homepage in Microsoft Purview.

    Get started with Microsoft Purview

    Explore key factors for evaluating whether Microsoft Purview is the right choice for your data discovery and governance needs.

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Generate real value from your data—and reduce costs

Get the 2023 Forrester Consulting TEI study commissioned by Microsoft to discover key findings about the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and takeaways from its users.

Projected ROI up to 232%

See how the study found a projected net present value of up to USD$30.6 million and a projected ROI of up to 232% over three years.

Increased revenue up to 2%

Find out how to improve revenues with better customer analytics.

Reduced data governance costs up to 70%

Learn about saving up to 15% of data security costs, up to 70% of data governance costs, and up to 30% of regulatory data compliance costs.

See what companies have achieved with Microsoft


“Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform delivers everything we need out of the box. Microsoft is also continuously … enhancing the solution, constantly delivering us new ways to innovate.” Stefan Lautenschlager, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics


“The supply chain transparency that we’ve created with the help of Microsoft Azure and Power BI is helping us improve our supplier management … and ensuring supply chain security.” Bernd Neufert, Procurement Manager

Ahold Delhaize

“From online to in-store and app-based shopping, our solution allows us to be more proactive in our marketing and promotion than ever.” Thanh Hà Nguyen, Senior IT Director of Data and Analytics & Digital Engagement


“At EDP, we pursue groundbreaking green ambitions that help us to make a tangible impact worldwide. We have important challenges to solve, which we believe we’ll achieve thanks to data and AI.” João Nascimento, Global CIO
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Explore the Microsoft partner ecosystem

Get more from your data with a set of tightly integrated partner solutions.


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The Culture of Data Leaders

Learn how organizations are using data and technology to boost revenue, drive growth, and gain a competitive edge.

Two people having a conversation and looking at a tablet

The Data Transformation Game Plan

Find out how to create a winning data transformation strategy and drive your organization’s future success.

A person sitting at a desk explaining something on a tablet to a coworker standing over their shoulder

Predictions 2023: Artificial Intelligence

Read this Forrester report to find out why AI adoption within enterprise businesses is predicted to expand and lead to more creative, optimized applications.



Azure webinar series titled Accelerate AI in Your Org - Its Easier than You Think

Accelerate AI in Your Org—It’s Easier Than You Think

Explore ways to fast-track your organization’s adoption of AI and machine learning and start using this powerful technology to solve business problems and transform customer experiences.

A person sitting at an island typing on a laptop.

Analytics Lessons Learned

See how four companies use data analytics to drive business agility and make responsive, informed decisions.



Explore the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Find the right solutions to maximize the value of your organization’s data.


Azure SQL

Get a consistent, unified experience across your entire SQL portfolio and take advantage of flexible options for application migration, modernization, and development.

Azure Cosmos DB

Build or modernize scalable, high-performance apps with a fully-managed NoSQL database service.

SQL Server 2022

Create and manage SQL databases on the most cloud-connected version of SQL Server yet.

Azure Arc–enabled data services

Extend cloud data management to workloads on premises, at the edge, and in multicloud environments.

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Stay informed about the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and Azure Data and AI services

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