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Microsoft Viva
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Microsoft Viva Goals

Get the goal and objectives and key results (OKR) management solution that helps you set business goals and aligns teams to your organization’s strategic priorities—driving results and a thriving business. 

Create a purpose-driven culture where teams align to achieve results

Empower each person to understand their impact and keep priorities top of mind.

  • Teamwide revenue goals in Viva Goals.

    Create clarity and stay aligned at scale

    Connect employees and teams to your organization’s top business goals, help them understand their impact, and ensure cross-functional alignment.

    A list of Product OKRs broken out by tasks in Viva Goals.

    Easily create, approve, and align on goals

    Create new OKRs or start with built-in templates and define success at all levels with approval workflows and flexible views.

    A list of Product OKRs broken out by tasks and timing in Viva Goals.

    Foster an aligned, purpose-driven work culture

    Gain visibility into company goals with organizational, team, and individual views, and focus teams on your most critical priorities.

    A list of Marketing projects in Viva Goals.

    Connect projects and tasks to OKRs

    See how your team’s daily work impacts your organization’s key priorities and connect OKRs to the work systems your team is already using.

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  • A Monthly Product Review document in Viva Goals being shared with a group in Teams.

    Focus teams on impact, not output

    Focus discussions, provide context, and simplify reporting on progress with custom dashboards and dynamically updated OKRs.

    A Teams message in a Planning channel sharing updates and a Viva Goals check-in module.

    Keep everyone focused on high-impact work

    Make it easy to view and share progress, and enable check-ins and nudges in Microsoft Teams.

    A Platform Team Dashboard in Viva Goals displaying key updates, a graph showing progress over time, and trackable OKRs.

    Present on progress at meetings

    Share progress, context, lessons, and next steps with employees using customizable presentation templates.

    A new project being added in Viva Goals and the dropdown open showing options to integrate Asana, Planner, Jira and Smartsheet.

    Help employees stay focused

    Connect daily work to organization and team goals using interoperations with Teams, Azure DevOps, Jira, Asana, Tableau, and other apps.

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  • A Viva Goals objective being shared in a Teams chat.

    Keep goals front and center

    Encourage conversation and collaboration around goals and help everyone thrive in the hybrid workplace.

    The Microsoft Viva options dropdown in Teams showing Relecloud, Viva Insights, Viva Goals, Viva Learning and Viva Topics.

    Stay in the flow of work

    Promote a purpose-driven culture with the Viva Goals app in Teams and Azure Dev Ops.

    An employee sharing a Platform Team Dashboard over a Teams chat for review.

    Rally conversation around goals

    Communicate, collaborate, and check in on employee and business goals with the message extension in Teams chat.

    A New Key Result being added in Viva Goals with the dropdown open showing the option to integrate with Marketo, Planner, Power BI and more.

    Keep track of progress at all times

    Increase visibility into goals and progress with integrations into critical work systems like Teams, Azure DevOps, Jira, Tableau, and ZenDesk.

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See Viva Goals in action

Learn more about experiences that help teams come together to achieve results.

See how thousands of Microsoft employees are using Viva Goals

See how customers are using Viva Goals

Features and pricing

Microsoft Viva in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Viva Goals

Originally starting from CAD $8.10 now starting from CAD $8.10

CAD $8.10 CAD $8.10


(Annual subscription–auto renews)1

  • All the employee experience features included in Microsoft 365, plus:

  • OKR workflows and templates

  • Shared OKR dashboards

  • Integrations with critical tools and data sources

  • SSO capabilities, data encryption, enterprise-grade privacy, and advanced permissions

  • Advanced OKR configurations with customizable weights and scoring guidance

Microsoft Viva Suite

Originally starting from CAD $16.30 now starting from CAD $16.30

CAD $16.30 CAD $16.30


(Annual subscription–auto renews)1

  • Everything in Viva Goals, plus:

  • Support for multiple company-branded employee destinations for news and announcements in Viva Connections2

  • Viva Engage leadership and knowledge experiences to help connect everyone across your organization

  • Centralized campaign management for multichannel publishing with Viva Amplify3

  • Viva Insights to improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights

  • Organization-wide “voice of the employee” surveys in Viva Glint

  • Quick surveys to help managers seek and act on feedback with Viva Pulse3

  • Viva Learning to seamlessly integrate access to learning content into the places employees already spend their time3

Frequently asked questions

  • The Viva Goals license includes access to the Viva Goals app in Teams2 and the Viva Goals web app. Use these apps to:

    • Create, manage, align, and customize OKR workflows with OKR templates, automated check-ins, and advanced insights.
    • Boost business rhythms with OKRs using shared dashboards and advanced insights.
    • Connect work to outcomes with deep integrations to tasks, projects, and embedded OKR views.
    • Integrate into critical tools, such as Teams, Slack, and Glip, to enable automated OKR check-ins.
    • Get enterprise scale and security with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, data encryption, enterprise-grade privacy, and advanced permissions.
    • Use advanced OKR configurations with customizable weights and scoring guidance.
  • Viva Goals is available as an app in Microsoft Teams and as a web app. The Viva Goals web app has no prerequisites—customers can purchase and use Viva Goals with the web app without any other Microsoft product or subscription.

    A Microsoft Teams product license is a prerequisite to use the Viva Goals app in Teams. Teams can be licensed with:

    • Microsoft 365 F1, F3, E3, A3, E5, A5.
    • Office 365 F3, E1, A1, E3, A3, E5, A5.
    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium.
    • Microsoft SharePoint K, Plan 1, or Plan 2 license.
  • In October 2021, Microsoft acquired, a leading OKR company. With Viva Goals, Microsoft invested further into capabilities to improve integrations with Microsoft Teams3 and weave into Viva, Azure DevOps, Power BI, Microsoft Planner and Project. There will be more integrations with a broader set of Microsoft 365 applications and services over time in addition to partner integrations. See the full list of data integrations in Viva Goals documentation.

    Microsoft has also invested in Viva Goals to ensure it delivers on enterprise scale and security requirements with features including single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, data encryption, enterprise-grade privacy, and advanced permissions.

  • Yes, Viva Goals is now available in all Microsoft global markets.

  • Viva Goals currently supports 11 languages: English (US), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Estonian, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. By the end of March 2023, we will support 27 Microsoft 365 languages that are written left to right.

Implementation and support


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Empower people and teams to be their best

Viva Goals is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.

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