Shape the Future Program

To prepare students for tomorrow, give them Windows 10 at the best prices today.

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Updated for 2021, more devices are included in the Shape the Future Program and it’s easier than ever to qualify.

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Discount program for Windows 10 Education devices

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Schools can purchase discounted devices1 from brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and more.

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Choose from a wide variety of Windows 10 devices that help students achieve better learning outcomes.

Ruggedised and versatile

Affordable Windows 10 student devices are built for education, so they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday student use.

The best pricing on Windows 10 Education devices

More students should have access to computing technology. The Shape the Future Program has made education devices2 more available than ever before. Is your school taking advantage of this program?

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Frequently asked questions

It’s easy! Click here to verify eligibility and sign up for the Shape the Future Program.

    Please contact your local Microsoft sales representative, find a partner, or contact

      Shape the Future Program devices include Windows 10 Pro Education to provide the features and management controls needed in schools.

        Shape the Future Program pricing for devices with Windows 10 Pro Education is available to everyone buying a Windows device – you do not need to be a school. Ask your reseller for Windows 10 Pro Education devices at Shape the Future Program prices!

          1“Education devices” are devices intended for Education Use.

          2Windows 10 National Academic product is subject to program terms requiring device manufacturers to only distribute Education devices directly to Eligible Purchasers or their designees, as specified in a MS Letter of Eligibility under a National Academic Offer. “National Academic Offer” means a program under which a government, non-government organization or education institution (an “Eligible Purchaser”) purchases Education devices during a 24-month period for Education Use. For purposes of National Academic Offers, “Education Use” is use by administrators, teachers, or students in primary or secondary schools.

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