Teaching and learning management

Improve learning outcomes by creating immersive and inclusive experiences for students.

At Microsoft, we were founded on the principle that people can do remarkable things when technology is within their reach. Explore technology solutions to inspire students, empower teachers, and improve learning outcomes so students are ready for their futures.

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Developing creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills is critical to preparing students for the modern workforce. Microsoft offers multiple resources and solutions for building future-ready skills into the learning experience.

Immersive learning with STEM lessons

Incorporate design, engineering, and computational thinking into everyday curriculum.

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Microsoft Imagine Academy

Provide industry-recognised technology education, skills, and certifications students need to succeed.

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Minecraft: Education Edition

Foster project-based learning with a seamless multi-player experience.

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Microsoft Certifications

Provide a wide range of certification programs designed to take students’ skills to the next level.

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Microsoft Professional Program

Help higher education students attain career credentials.

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An effective learning management system (LMS) is a focal point of the learning experience at many schools. Microsoft and our partners offer technology solutions that can help:

Optimise infrastructure

  • Increase learning management system speed
  • Reduce service disruptions
  • Secure mobile access
  • Scale with an organisation

Extend learning management system functionality

  • Create engaging video content
  • Simplify content creation
  • Avoid costly silos
  • Gain valuable insights and impacts

Universitas Terbuka, the world’s 3rd largest open university, enhances learning innovation by hosting their learning management system in the Microsoft cloud.

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Purdue University transforms IT management with a holistic monitoring and reporting solution.

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Download the eBook: Teaching and learning

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School stories

  • Middle school students at Tolt Middle School are motivated to create code through games and apps. Students are learning critical computer science program skills. With Microsoft Imagine Academy, teachers without a coding background are successfully teaching creative coding to their students.

  • Modesto City School District uses Windows 10, Office 365, and Minecraft: Education Edition to increase enrolment and improve student learning outcomes.

  • Medical training institute, Femeba Foundation, integrated Office 365 with Moodle, an online learning platform. This solution provides the Foundation with advanced collaboration and communication tools.

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  • Primary school uses OneNote and Sway to spur collaborative learning.

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  • Business school ESM in Berlin embraces integrated learning and remote teaching to accelerate outcomes.

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Classroom devices

Empower teachers and inspire students with affordable devices and learning tools. Windows devices designed for learning facilitate personalised learning opportunities for students and enable teachers to work more efficiently.


Modern classroom collaboration with Office 365

Office 365 Education enables classroom collaboration and provides students with future-ready life skills including ways to:

  • Increase student and teacher productivity
  • Collaborate in and out of the classroom
  • Empower students to build on each other’s ideas
  • Engage students with content in innovative ways

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