Workplace Analytics

Unleash your most powerful dataset using insights from everyday work in Microsoft 365.

A screen displaying the Insights dashboard in Workplace Analytics.

Harmonize productivity and wellbeing

Microsoft is bringing productivity and wellbeing insights and experiences into Microsoft Teams to help people and organizations thrive.

Screenshot of the Workplace Analytics analysis settings page showing how a new business process is set up

Use insights to rapidly learn, innovate, and adapt

Discover opportunities to optimize business processes and identify patterns that lead to success. Measure the impact on business outcomes throughout a continuous cycle of discovery and change.

Cultivate success with an engaged and efficient workforce

Identify and promote the right skills and behaviors to meet organizational goals, develop careers, and grow new leaders. Break down silos and develop impactful networks to improve your bottom line.

Screenshots of Workplace Analytics graphs and insights about employee collaboration and company influencers.
Screenshots of Workplace Analytics graphs and insights about the percentage of employees with high customer connections and how much time employees are spending with customers.

Increase customer focus and create value

Unlock the power of networks to foster innovation and generate value for customers. Predictive insights help you maintain healthy client relationships and build brand advocacy.

Do more with an extensible platform

Empower developers to build new insights using Microsoft Azure AI tools and services and at-scale access to Microsoft 365 datasets while maintaining consent, governance, and security standards.

Close-up photograph of a tablet displaying a Data Access Request screen in the Microsoft 365 admin center
Close-up photograph of a tablet displaying System defaults and Privacy settings on the Admin settings page under MyAnalytics Settings.

Trusted Microsoft 365 security helps keep data safe and private

You control your data. We help keep it safe. Trusted cloud security and privacy safeguards enable organizations to maintain compliance with industry and regional requirements.

Organizations driving change with Workplace Analytics

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Learn more about our products

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