Brian Robbins

Actor, Director

22/11/1900 (120 years old)

Gen-X'ers will almost invariably recall actor Brian Robbins; he began his career by starring in a multi-season run as Eric Mardian, a self-styled slickster forced into the same high-school class with a group of nerdy brainiacs, in the Howard Hesseman ABC sitcom Head of the Class (1986-1991). Robbins also appeared in other projects at around the same time, including episodes of Growing Pains, the sci-fi exploitation outing C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the C.H.U.D. (1989) and the family-friendly telemovie Camp Cucamonga (1990). Around 1993, Robbins abandoned acting by stepping behind the camera, as a director, producer, and eventually, executive-level Hollywood studio producer -- and thus achieved far greater success in that venue than he did as a young star. Among other endeavors, Robbins was responsible for such blockbuster series as Smallville, What I Like About You, and One Tree Hill, and features such as the Eddie Murphy comedy Norbit (2007).