Kim Cattrall


21/08/1956 (64 years old) Widnes, Cheshire, England

A sultry actress who proved that women over 40 could still be hot, Cattrall moved to New York City at 16 to study acting and made her film and stage debuts before she was out of her teens. However, her biggest breakthrough came after two decades in the biz, when Cattrall landed the star-making role of a promiscuous publicist on Sex and the City, a part that turned her into a sex symbol. Although the show ended in 2004, she continued to portray the character in the Sex and the City movie and its sequel, while also finding time for roles in such high-class fare as the political thriller The Ghost Writer and a biopic of Rudyard Kipling entitled My Boy Jack. In addition to acting, Cattrall has also used her Sex and the City fame to write several self-help sexpert books.

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