Sean Pertwee


04/06/1964 (58 years old) London, England

While Sean Pertwee, son of the late Jon Pertwee, has amassed an impressive number of credits in a short time, along with a respectable fan club, not that much is known about his life. He has performed in theater, television, and motion pictures, often playing rough-edged or tough characters such as his role as an ambitious ram-raider in Paul Anderson's breakthrough film Shopping, and his part as Smith, the ill-fated pilot of the Lewis and Clark in Anderson's Event Horizon. He has played a number of more intriguing and thoughtful parts as well, however, including the lead role of JC in the British surf parable Blue Juice, and the role of Hugh Beringar in the first set of the Cadfael TV movies (unable to continue in the role due to film work, he was replaced by Eoin McCarthy). During periods without acting work, he has worked as an animator, a painter, and an album cover designer. While Pertwee continued to act in a broad variety of films, such as Talos the Mummy, Paul Anderson's Soldier, and David Cronenberg's eXistenZ, he also set out on a directorial career, beginning with the short film Another Day in London. In 1996, he became part of a group of actors, producers, editors, and directors to form a pair of companies under the name of Natural Nylon, based in London and New York, with the aim of developing and producing motion pictures and television projects for the members of the consortium. He lives in London, preferring not to move to the United States.

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