Tawny Cypress


08/08/1976 (43 years old) Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States

With her good looks and sophisticated air, this actress tends to play educated, intellectual professionals, like professors (All My Children) and lawyers (Third Watch). But it was her stint as a bohemian art dealer on Heroes that turned her into a hot commodity. It's fitting that Cypress had her breakthrough with the comic-book-like series, since her brother Toby is a successful illustrator. When she originally auditioned for the sci-fi show, she read for Niki, a role that ultimately went to Ali Larter. But series creator Tim Kring was so impressed with Cypress's talents that he offered her the part of Simone, even though it had originally been written for a Caucasian actress. Unfortunately, despite being a sultry presence and the focus of an intense love triangle, her character was killed off during the first season. Since then, Cypress has found consistent work on the small screen with a lead role on the short-lived 2007 FOX drama K-Ville, a reoccuring role on Rescue Me and guest spots on Army Wives and Law & Order: SVU.

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