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Discover more information to get started with GDPR and how it relates to Microsoft products and industries.

Get started with GDPR

Get started: GDPR accountability

Our journey to GDPR compliance

Data governance: GDPR compliance

Five things to know about GDPR

Accelerate GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance with Windows 10

Data classification

GDPR overview

Shared responsibility

GDPR for Small Business

Safeguarding your data

Microsoft products and GDPR

GDPR compliance and Microsoft 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 compliance

How Microsoft meets your needs

Organized and implement processes

Achieve and keep GDPR compliance

Guide to privacy and GDPR with Microsoft SQL platform

GDPR compliance with Microsoft Azure

Compliance with Microsoft EMS

Compliance with Project Online

Industries and GDPR

Guide for educational institutions

GDPR and HIPAA compliance

GDPR and U.S. healthcare

More on GDPR

Safeguard privacy with Microsoft cloud

Microsoft on trust, privacy, and the GDPR

Modern workplace: what you need to know

Thriving in the GDPR era

GDPR blogs

Privacy with Microsoft Cloud

Learn about essential General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) topics.

Microsoft’s commitment to GDPR

The Microsoft commitment to GDPR, privacy, and putting customers in control of their own data.

Safeguard privacy rights

Learn how to safeguard individual privacy rights under GDPR with the Microsoft intelligent cloud.

Accelerate GDPR compliance

Accelerate your GDPR compliance with the Microsoft cloud by Julia White, CVP, Cloud Platform.

Earning your trust

Earning trust with contractual commitments to the GDPR by Rich Sauer, CVP & Deputy General Counsel.

Get organized

Get organized and implement the right processes—a GDPR how-to guide.

Get help from GDPR partners

Get help addressing your GDPR needs with Microsoft global partners.

GDPR questions? Azure has answers

Learn how your organization can use Azure features for GDPR compliance.

Get GDPR compliant

Read Get GDPR compliant with the Microsoft Cloud by Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer.

Sharing new customer resources

Read Sharing new customer resources for EU’s GDPR by Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer.

Security, privacy, and compliance

Find resources to support security, privacy, and GDPR compliance with the Service Trust Portal.

Partner resources

Find a partner

We have several global GDPR partners offering Microsoft-based solutions to meet GDPR requirements.

Resources for partners

Resources and tools you can use today to streamline your GDPR compliance and help your customers on their compliance journey.

Meet GDPR privacy obligations

Enhance your capabilities to support the privacy rights of individuals.

Additional privacy resources

Privacy at Microsoft

Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement

Online Services Terms

Protecting data and privacy in the cloud

Trusting the cloud

Ask your cloud provider about compliance