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A laptop displaying the Windows 11 start screen with five blue layers appearing on top of the device. The layers each represent an aspect of Windows 11 security: hardware security, operating system security, application security, identity and cloud security.

Secure any opportunity with Windows 11 Pro

The most secure Windows ever with security out of the box and mission-critical app protection.

Hardware-based security

Provide out-of-the box protection with layers of tightly integrated software and hardware.
  • Security at the core

    Shield your business with the latest Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 technologies, silicon-assisted security, and data and identity safeguards. Innovations like Secured-core PCs and Microsoft Pluton offer extra protection for data-sensitive scenarios.

  • Virtualisation-based security

    To safeguard user credentials and essential system functions, virtualisation-based security (VBS) and hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) are already enabled on new Windows 11 devices.1 VBS protects against malicious exploits by hosting a secure kernel separated from the operating system.

  • Secure from the start

    Protect critical resources such as Windows Hello2 with a hardware-based root-of-trust. System Guard helps protect and maintain the integrity of the system as it starts up and validates that system integrity has truly been maintained through local and remote attestation.

  • Secured-core PCs

    Secured-core PCs come with the advanced security features of Windows 11 turned on protecting your most sensitive data from advanced firmware-level attack. These devices are recommended for people handling sensitive data like intellectual property, financial records or classified information.

Privacy and security screen window displaying on a computer background.

Operating system protection

Keep data secured with built-in protections such as advanced encryption, robust network and system security, and intelligent safeguards against ever-evolving threats.

Application Safeguards

Identity security

Protect access to sensitive information and safeguard identities with the latest security innovations.
Laptop open displaying Windows 11 desktop background.

Windows 11 security guide & book

For an in-depth look at how Microsoft optimises security with Windows 11, read the Windows 11 Security Book. For a higher-level overview, check out the Windows 11 Security Guide.
Windows desktop screen with icons and taskbar

Cloud-based protection

Grow your business and improve security with cloud tools for managing policies, identities and deployment.4

Innovative security benefits

Provide layers of security for work anywhere

Empower employees to work anywhere with built-in security enabled by default.

Explore all editions for your business

Windows 11 logo background

Windows 11 Pro

Enable exceptional work anywhere with layers of built-in security and AI-powered multitasking.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Equipped for the most demanding workloads with features like faster file sharing and advanced processing.

Windows 11 Enterprise

For organisations with advanced security and management needs.
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  • [1] HVCI is automatically enabled on new Windows 11 devices with clean installations. HVCI must be enabled on upgraded devices.
  • [2] Features and app availability may vary by region.
  • [3] Requires specialised hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IT sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices.
  • [4] Cloud services sold separately.

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