Healthcare providers

Discover how healthcare provider organisations are transforming health technology and re-engineering their businesses to personalise the patient experience, accelerate data interoperability, empower care teams and improve health outcomes.

Reimagine the way you address healthcare challenges

Empower healthcare organisations of all sizes to re-imagine the ways they bring together people, processes and health data insights to improve care delivery. Discover healthcare provider solutions to better enable personalised care, empower care teams and improve operational outcomes within a secure and compliant environment.

Learn how Microsoft can support providers

See how providers use Microsoft healthcare solutions

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Reducing adverse events with data insights

Applied machine learning and clinical analytics reduced adverse ICU events by 44%.

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Capturing patient insights to improve patient care

Concierge customer service creates a personalised patient experience and increases call to appointment conversion by 42%.

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Delivering a 360° view to support patient needs and wellness

Business applications give employees the tools to optimise patient care and reduce costs.

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Helping Australians live longer, healthier lives

Holistic patient information support Bupa staff in providing a personalised experience and producing better outcomes.

Right care, right place, right time

CHFT expands patient choice and care with virtual visits.

Responding to a health emergency and saving lives

St. Luke’s critical care doctors use Microsoft Teams to create COVID-19 protocols, saving lives and improving recovery time.