Private branch exchange (PBX)

Handle all of your organization’s internal and external calls with PBX and get enterprise cloud calling features with Microsoft Teams.

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What is PBX?

Call someone, transfer them, or put them on hold—it all happens through a private branch exchange (PBX). A PBX is the internal network of software and hardware that manages business phone systems.

How does PBX work?

Choose on-premises or in the cloud for your PBX, and it will connect to your phone company or internet provider to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

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What are the features of PBX?

Make, receive, and transfer calls from multiple business phone lines and extensions, as well as use voice menus, make conference calls, check voicemail, and choose on-hold music.

Go digital with a VoIP phone system

Use your internet connection for calls with VoIP (voice over internet protocol). Get clearer audio and scale more easily with VoIP compared to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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How does PBX work with Microsoft Teams?

Get PBX capabilities without the expensive equipment by using Phone System in the cloud with Microsoft Teams. Use Teams calling to make and receive calls anywhere using your work number.

Collaborate efficiently with calling from Microsoft Teams

Connect more quickly and stay productive by collaborating in Office apps within calls and meetings.

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Benefits of Phone System and Teams

Stay connected anywhere

Place and receive calls from any workplace, on any device, with a single business phone number.

Integrate calls seamlessly

Use one app for calling, chat, and meetings. Start a call from chat, contact card, and Outlook.

Deliver modern features

Use enterprise cloud calling features like auto attendant, call queues, captions, and transcription.

Save time

Get more done, since calls average one-fourth the length of a typical meeting.

Reduce costs

Save on hardware purchases and training by managing phone systems in the cloud.

Streamline setup and management

Easily add phone numbers, resolve issues, and manage your system from an integrated admin console.

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