Accessibility & Learning tools

A browser designed for learning. Check out the browser with the most comprehensive set of built-in learning and accessibility tools.

Have the web read aloud to you

Microsoft Edge can read aloud news, sports stories, and other webpages to you. With your webpage open, right-click or press and hold anywhere on the page and select Read aloud.

Read more comfortably

Streamline content on webpages to help you focus and absorb information online. Remove distractions like ads and modify pages to fit your reading preferences.

Editor helps you write better
Editor is built into Microsoft Edge, and it provides AI-powered writing assistance including spelling, grammar, and synonym suggestions across the web so you can write more confidently.
Search quickly with Find on page

Searching for a word or phrase on a webpage has become easier with AI. With the smart find update for Find on page, we’ll suggest related matches and words making it effortless to find what you're looking for, even if you misspell a word in your search query.  When you search, simply select the suggested link to quickly locate the desired word or phrase on the page. 

Translate the web to your language

Microsoft Edge makes it easy to read webpages in your preferred language, by translating the web instantly as you browse. Choose from over 70 languages.

  • * Feature availability and functionality may vary by device type, market, and browser version.