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Charles Lamanna
Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Platforms—Microsoft
Charles leads the product development and engineering teams responsible for creating business applications and low-code platforms that empower everyone to achieve more. This spans products and services across Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Nuance Enterprise. These products include low-code/no-code tools, robotic process automation, conversational AI, customer experience platform, customer service, finance, and supply chain applications.
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The Power Platform Conference: A celebration of community, collaboration, and career growth 

I’m excited that today, the first day of the inaugural Microsoft-sponsored Power Platform Conference, will support opportunities for upskilling through low-code. This Microsoft community-led event is a celebration of the passion and ingenuity of the Microsoft Power Platform community and will help attendees build new skills with low-code technologies.
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Announcing Microsoft Power Pages: Build secure, low-code websites 

Today, we are thrilled to announce the preview of Microsoft Power Pages, the fifth product in the Microsoft Power Platform family. Whether you’re a low-code maker or professional developer, this low-code, scalable, and secure solution empowers you to build business-centric websites quickly and easily.
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6 people who changed careers with low-code from Power Apps 

The tech sector is booming with jobs and opportunities. But for some people, the question is: how do I get in? Few people have degrees in computer science, IT, or engineering—so, coding jobs seem out of reach. However, with low-code app tools, some grit and curiosity, anyone can now realize a career in tech.