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Microsoft AI

A new era of AI has arrived

Explore how Microsoft is empowering the world to achieve more with AI. See how to amplify human ingenuity, deliver transformational experiences, and safeguard businesses and data with AI tools and a trusted AI platform powered by the Microsoft Cloud.
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See the latest on AI at Microsoft

Explore new capabilities in Security Copilot

See announcements for Windows, Edge, Bing, Microsoft 365, and Surface
Announcing Microsoft 365 Copilot availability
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New Microsoft AI self-paced learning designed for business leaders

Make Copilot your everyday AI companion

Work smarter, boost productivity and creativity, and stay connected to the people and things around you.


Copilot will work according to your preferences and permissions and is unique in its ability to understand the web, your business data, and your local context.


Whether you’re writing, communicating, coding, designing, or just browsing, Copilot will be at the ready to respond to your request.


Get inspired, turn ideas into content, and amplify your skills with a simple right-click, conversation, or a hello.


Gain a consistent experience across all your devices—as a side pane in your favorite applications and as an icon on your Windows taskbar.

Learn it once, use it everywhere

With unified AI capabilities, you’ll be able to access AI assistance from anywhere.
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Redefine how you interact with the web

Quickly complete tasks and bolster your creativity with Copilot in Bing and Edge.
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Take creativity to the next level

Create amazing AI-generated images with just your words using Bing Image Creator in Microsoft Designer, now in preview.
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Stay connected across devices and experiences

Make the most of all the latest AI tools with the perfect everyday laptop.
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For organizations

Reinvent your business with AI


AI Use Cases for Business Leaders

Discover the common scenarios and processes where AI is poised to have the biggest impact—and see how to bring AI to your organization to boost productivity, optimize efficiency, and create new value.

Power your AI transformation

Gain a competitive edge with powerful, trustworthy AI solutions.
  • Accelerate productivity and innovation by embracing built-in AI in the tools you’re already using.
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  • Create your own AI apps and copilot solutions using the same stack and AI services that power Microsoft copilot experiences.
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  • Build safety and responsibility into your AI journey from the very beginning on a trusted and secure cloud.

See solutions built with Microsoft AI

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Next Steps

Building a Foundation for AI Success: A Leader’s Guide

Discover insights to help your organization thrive on your path to AI transformation.

Get AI-ready with Azure

Migrate your data to Azure to build a strong foundation for your AI-powered solutions.
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Explore training and resources

Find answers to common questions, tutorials, and support resources to help you get the most out of Microsoft AI.