Microsoft Syntex

Content AI integrated in the flow of work

A display of a business’s service agreements on SharePoint and a display of documents being tagged in Syntex.

Introducing Microsoft Syntex

Learn how Microsoft Syntex puts people at the center, with content seamlessly integrated into collaboration and workflows.

Microsoft Syntex capabilities include:

A document being created from a template with Microsoft Syntex.


Understand and assemble content with AI powered summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotations integrated into Microsoft 365 and Teams.


Discover and reuse content with AI powered search, eSignature and integration into business workflows like contracts and invoice management.

A flow being created in Sharepoint.
The restore settings window in Sharepoint administrator.


Analyze and protect content through its lifecycle with AI powered security and compliance, backup/restore and advanced content management.

What customers are saying about Microsoft Syntex

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Microsoft Syntex

Content AI integrated in the flow of work

A SharePoint Syntex-powered contracts management site for a business.