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Smiling employees and blurbs of meetings, appointments, and schedules from Teams.

Shift management and staff scheduling

Replace outdated employee scheduling processes and time tracking solutions and manage the entire team's schedule in one app backed by the systems you already use.

Shift management made easy

Give managers and frontline workers a staff scheduling sidekick and easily adjust schedules to their team's needs.

Manage shift schedules seamlessly

Gain real-time visibility into schedules built on worker availability, preference, skill*, and labor laws*.

Enable employees with the self-service tools

Cut the chaos out of scheduling—enable self-service tools for staff to own their schedules and focus on doing their best work.

Enrich schedules with the right data

Whether through employee inputted availability or data captured from workforce management systems, create optimized schedules for the business.

What Shifts can do for you

Whether monitoring requests on-the-go or editing the team's schedule in the back office, staff scheduling software helps managers control who’s doing what, where, and when.

A shift schedule and the add shift screen in Teams.

Create team schedules with ease

Easily organize frontline workforce shift schedules. Plan from scratch, import existing schedules from Excel, or adjust schedules to accommodate fluctuating business needs – all backed by workforce management systems.

Time off requests and a staffing chart in Shifts for Teams.

Save time with a mobile staffing tool

Conserve supervisors’ time with anywhere, anytime management and visibility into the team schedule and requests for swaps and time off.

A personal shift schedule and shift details in Teams.

Empower workers to own their schedules with self-service tools

Provide visibility for the frontline to see their entire upcoming schedule and freedom to request time off, swap or offer shifts, and set availability in one app.

Open shifts and shift details being displayed in Teams.

Fill every shift without the scheduling issues

Enable open shifts so managers can cover their entire shift schedule and employees can find and request shifts that work for their schedule.

The time clock and a notification about clocking in being displayed in Teams.

Track time and attendance

Easily enable frontline workers to clock in or out, no matter their device. Teams includes location detection and digital tracking sheets to make sure everything is accounted for in one employee scheduling app.

The UKG, BlueYonder, and Zebra Reflexis logos and the Shifts app in Teams.

Customize and extend with your established partners

Sync with the workforce management systems and partners you already know and use.

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Shifts in Teams.

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Frequently asked questions

  • An employee scheduling app helps you create, update, and manage schedules for your employees and teams. It also gives your frontline workforce self-service tools to manage their shifts and schedules.

  • Shift management or staff scheduling software help you manage shift schedules seamlessly, align schedules to fluctuating needs, and save your workers time and energy. In addition, it supports workforce management tools you already know and use.

  • They’re all just different names for the same type of solution or tool that helps you manage shifts and schedules and provides a better experience to your workforce.

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