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Empower teams to work smarter and collaborate seamlessly across time and space with Microsoft Teams.

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Chat app tools for every kind of conversation

Whether you’re chatting one-on-one, in a group, or on video, applications like Microsoft Teams can boost connection and productivity at home and work.

How group and video chats support your best work

Discover how group and video chat (also known as video calling) create connection and simplify work.

Hybrid work facilitation

Work flexibly and efficiently with group chat tools like file and screen sharing.

Project management

Help everyone stay focused on the task at hand with calendar and reminder tools.

Centralized communication

Keep your employees in the loop and offer praise (and emojis) for a job well done.


Use approvals, shared tasks, and @mentions to keep your team up to date and on target.

Get the most out of group chats

Utilize these chat features to stay organized and collaborate more effectively.

Mobile and desktop displays of group chats in Teams.

Group chat tools

Make the most out of your group chats by taking advantage of these features. Learn more

Desktop and mobile displays of a user adding new people to a Teams chat.

Add new people to a chat

Bring more people into the conversation. When you add new participants to your chat, allow them to see chat history and shared files.

A mobile display of two unopened chats in Teams and a desktop display of a user customizing their chat notifications in Teams.

Customize chat notifications

Decide when, where, and how you want to receive chat notifications.

Mobile and desktop displays of a Marketing chat thread in Teams.

Utilize message threads

Keep conversations focused and specific to relevant users.

Mobile and desktop displays of a video call with multiple participants in Teams.

Connect with users in other organizations

Broaden workplace collaboration by expanding beyond your organization with tools like Microsoft Teams Connect.

Mobile and desktop displays of a presentation being given over a Teams video call.

Stay connected & collaborate

Connect quickly in Teams by starting one-on-one or group calls from a chat and share your screen to keep everyone on the same page when sharing content.

A mobile display of unopened messages in Teams and a notification at the top showing the user was mentioned in a message and a desktop display of Teams chats showing pinned chats on the left side of the screen.

Name and pin your group chat

Keep your chats organized and top of mind.

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Capitalize on chat app capabilities

Learn about the most useful tools, apps, and features in chat and video calls.
What is the difference between a group chat and a group video chat within chat?
Group chat applications allow people to create a private instant message conversation among three or more participants. A group chat refers to a chat happening exclusively via text, with no video component.
For occasions when users prefer to see and hear friends or colleagues, a group video chat, also known as a video call, offers a fuller experience. On a video chat, participants use their devices’ microphones and cameras to connect with other members of the video chat. An application like Microsoft Teams allows you to turn a group chat into a group video call by simply clicking the camera icon in your chat window.
Two people working at their desks and using Teams.

What are the most helpful Teams group chat apps?

Group chat apps like Microsoft Teams allow people to take advantage of numerous applications, all while staying within a group chat. Some of the most popular and useful apps allow you to:

Which Teams video chat app tools can streamline my chat experience and help me stay organized?

Teams video chat apps feature a range of tools to enhance a person’s experience and improve communication and collaboration. Common video chat tools include:

  • Screen sharing—present your team or group with visuals to help convey information.
  • Interactive chat—allow participants to pose questions, add comments, or connect one-on-one with each other during the video call.
  • Recording—stay focused on your call, not on taking notes. Distribute the recording after your call and follow up on action items with relevant parties.
  • Transcription services—make your call accessible after the fact. Searchable transcriptions allow users to quickly locate key information.
  • Live captioning—help ensure access for your entire team. AI-driven live captioning tools can provide written subtitles during your call.
  • Live polls—take the temperature of the room by sending polls and quizzes over the course of your call or meeting. You’ll get immediate feedback and can present the results to the group in real time.
  • Stream pre-recorded videos—applications like Microsoft Stream can help facilitate video events like company meetings, town halls, or presentations, and can be incorporated into live video chat calls.

Frequently asked questions

  • A group chat is a private, instant message text conversation happening between three or more participants.

  • Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s primary chat app, offers instant messaging, group chat, and video chat features.

  • Common video chat tools include screen sharing, transcription services, live captioning, recording capabilities, and live polls.

  • Multiple video chat applications offer a free subscription or a free trial period, including Microsoft Teams. Users can easily download and begin using them immediately.

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