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Copilot app previewing dog images being created using AI.
Powered by DALL·E 3

Act on inspiration

Unleash your creativity on the go with the Copilot app. With just one click, Copilot powered by DALL-E 3 brings you closer to stunning designs, drafting a family holiday card, or bringing your next idea to life.

Copilot app previewing an image of a flower being identified.
Powered by GPT-4

Search the way you want

The Copilot app understands the way you naturally write and speak, providing precise, relevant answers. Search with your voice or an image for even more flexibility in how you find information.

Copilot app previewing an email being drafted using AI.
Powered by AI

Get things done, anywhere

Get things done faster across work and life with the Copilot app. Tackle your tasks from creating presentations, writing tax code for your new side hustle, and more in just a click.

Copilot Pro

Get more with Copilot Pro

Supercharge your creativity and productivity with a premium Copilot experience. Gain priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo during peak times for accelerated performance to generate answers, content, and AI images even faster. Upgrade to Copilot Pro directly in the app.

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