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Dynamics Online Payment Services – Common errors and troubleshooting steps

We are continuing to see a reoccurrence of very similar error messages when using Dynamics Online Payment Services (DOPS) with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. The resolutions normally deal with the setup and configuration of either AX or DOPS. This blog is intended to cover some of the common errors encountered with the resolutions that we have been providing when configuring or using DOPS. The list of errors below can occur in Accounts Receivable and/or Retail. If you are experiencing a different error or the resolution did not resolve your issue, follow the steps at the end of this blog to create a new case with the AX support team.

AX 2009 CU7-CU8 – “The credit card feature is not installed.”
Cause: There were two updates to enable credit card processing in AX 2009 CU7 & CU8.
Resolution: Install the two fixes from KB 979304 (located by searching PartnerSource only).

The authorization could not be completed.

  • Error code: InvalidExpirationDate – Error message: Invalid Argument: ExpirationDate

    Cause: Check Expiration Date is not marked
    Resolution: Go to: AX >> Retail >> Retail Channels >> Retail Stores >> select a store >> Set up menu >> Payment Methods. Select the credit card payment method. Click Card Setup. For each card type, checkmark the Check expiration date option.

  • Error code: Value cannot be null – Parameter name: name – Error message:

    Cause: The incorrect EFT Service was selected, normally experienced in AX 2012 R1 as the “Dynamics Online” service is no longer used. This is option is removed in R2.
    Resolution: Go to: AX >> Retail >> Setup >> POS >> Profiles >> Hardware profiles. Select the hardware profile. Expand the EFT Service fast tab. In the EFT Service field, select Payment Connector and select Dynamisc Payment Connector in the next field. Complete the rest of the form.

  • Error code: CommunicationError – Error message: There was an error communicating with the payment provider. Please retry your request.

    Cause: The customer’s Payment Provider Profile information was entered incorrectly in the activation profile in Dynamics Online. The profile information is not viewable in Dynamics Online.
    Resolution: Disable the payment service in the Dynamics Online customer portal. Have the Partner activate the payment service again in the Dynamics Online partner portal with the correct information.

Error code 1100 – Error message: Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials
Issue is in the authenticating of the Microsoft account (Live ID), password, and/or public key.
Go to: AX >> Retail >> Setup >> POS >> Profiles >> Hardware profiles. Select the hardware profile. Expand the EFT Service fasttab. Delete and enter in the Microsoft account (Live ID) and password again.

Resolution 1: Go to the following blog to check user credentials:

Resolution 2: AX 2012 R2 introduces the use of a public key – Use the following blogs to assign the public key to a system user in Dynamics Online.
Retail – Step 15http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axsupport/archive/2013/10/22/ax-2012-r2-for-retail-configuring-the-eft-service-in-the-retail-hardware-profile-with-dynamics-online-payment-services.aspx
AR – Step 12http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axsupport/archive/2013/10/03/ax-2012-r2-connecting-a-dynamics-online-payment-service-to-ax-accounts-receivable.aspx

Error code 1100 – Error message: Payment provider has not been set up.
Cause 1:
You are not running POS in TestMode. Running N-job can overwrite this if you have already set the EFTTESTMODE = 1 at the POS.
Resolution: Use the blog below to set the POS EFTTESTMODE = 1
Step 30 – http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axsupport/archive/2013/10/09/ax-2012-r2-for-retail-configuring-pos-for-test-mode-with-dynamics-online-payment-service.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0

Cause 2: You created a production Payment Service but haven’t signed up for a Payment Provider yet
Resolution: Log into your payment service at https://www.dynamicsonline.com/CustomerPortal.aspx and under the Payment Providers section, sign up for a payment provider account.

Error code 21073 – Error message: There is no active payment provider for the specified payment type
Cause 1:
The Payment Service hasn’t been activated by the Partner
Resolution: Have the Partner log into https://www.dynamicsonline.com/PartnerPortal.aspx and activate the payment service. For a walk through, view the video at:
Provisioning Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Services

Cause 2: Using a production payment service with no active payment provider while POS is set to test mode
Resolution: You should be using a ServiceID from a “demo” Payment Service which doesn’t require (or allow) a payment provider. You can have both a demo and production payment service set up at once in Dynamics Online and then set up two different Retail hardware profiles for testing and for production.

Cause 3: While utilizing POS in test mode, you ran an N-1090 job that updated the hardware profile and set the POS hardware profile back to production mode.
Resolution: Use the blog below to set the POS EFTTESTMODE = 1
Step 30http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axsupport/archive/2013/10/09/ax-2012-r2-for-retail-configuring-pos-for-test-mode-with-dynamics-online-payment-service.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0

Error code 20002 – The Windows Live ID that you entered is not valid. Do you want to continue?
Cause 1
: If encountered in the POS Retail Hardware profile
Resolution: Just click Yes to continue. This validation is not correctly performed. Test transactions to verify.
Side note: Ensure the public keys are properly copied and roles assigned to the system user

Cause 2: Corrupted hardware profile settings after an upgrade or database restore.
Resolution: Try creating a new AR payment service profile or Retail hardware profile. If in AX 2012 R2, this includes creating a new System User in Dynamics Online with proper public key and roles assigned.

Currency not supported by connector(20002)
In the Payment services window, the Supported currencies field, you cannot end with a semi-colon. For example, a value of CAD; will return the error but CAD by itself will validate. AX sees the semi-colon and then looks for another currency which is blank and handled by the code as a not supported currency.
Remove the semicolon in the Supported currencies field from CAD; to display CAD

The payment service or payment account does not support currency USD or the payment account has not been configured.
: The Method of Payment posting account does not have USD configured as the default currency.
Resolution: Drill back on the Method of payment used for credit cards, drill back on the configured Posting account, set the Currency to USD.

Error code 20976640 – Error message: Unable to resolve the service.
Cause 1:
The System User in DOPS doesn’t have full rights to all
Resolution: Go to the following blog to check user and system user credentials:

Cause 2: Incorrect service account ID entered
Resolution: Verify or reenter the Service Account ID from the Dynamics Online customer portal:

Cause 3: Firewall is blocking the payment service sites
Resolution: Check and add access to the following site that should return an XML coded page:

CreatePaymentTransaction failed: 1022 = We encountered a problem. Please try again after some time. Contact Support if the problem persists.
Firewall is blocking the payment service sites
Resolution: Add the following sites to the Firewall:

Error code 20119 – Error message: Invalid Argument: TenderAccountNumber
Cause 1:
The card type is not set to the proper entity. The main issue here is that if you create a new Card Type, this field is blank with no drop-down options.
Resolution: Go to: Retail >> Setup >> Payment Methods >> Card types >> Card issuer >> this column should display “Credit provider” or “Debit provider” as this is required and verified through DOPS.

Cause 2: You may receive this error in AX 2012 R2 – Retail POS if you do not have EFTTESTMODE set to 1 and the EFTCONNECTORPROPERTIES field is not corrected by adding the IsTestMode PaymentProperty.
Resolution: Use the blog below to set the POS to test mode.
Start at step 30http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axsupport/archive/2013/10/09/ax-2012-r2-for-retail-configuring-pos-for-test-mode-with-dynamics-online-payment-service.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0

Error code 50000 –
This is a general error stating there is a credit card setup issue in AX
Resolution 1: Check expiration checkbox not checked.

Resolution 2: Go to: Retail >> Setup >> Payment Methods >> Card types >> set the Card Types column to International credit card/debit card

3: Go to: Retail >> Setup >> Payment Methods >> Card Numbers >> The digits to verify should match the number of digits entered into the Card number from and Card number to fields.
Example: If Visa is set up with Card number from = 4, then the Digits to identify should be set to a 1 to verify just that 1 digit. If this is set to 4, then its expecting the Card number from to be something like 4000 and the Card number to be something like 4999.

Online services error 1100: Unmapped: 1100 Message: Authentication didn’t succeed with the given credentials. You must specify a certificate pfx data.
The customers Voice account is already linked with another organization in Dynamics Online
Resolution: Locate and log into the correct organization in Dynamics Online.


Still having trouble?

If you’re still having trouble, you can get assistance in the following ways:

  • Post your questions on the Microsoft Dynamics Community forum.
  • Contact your partner.
  • If you are enrolled in a support plan directly with Microsoft, enter a new support request with Microsoft Dynamics Technical Support.

Getting Help from Technical Support

If you need to file a request for help setting up or using Payment Services, use the following steps to contact Microsoft Technical Support.

  1. If you are a Partner
    1. Sign in to PartnerSource.
    2. In the navigation bar, click Support.
    3. Click Get Help Now by Creating a Support Request.


  2. If you are a Customer:
    1. Sign in to CustomerSource.
    2. Click Log a Support Incident.
  3. In the Regarding which customer? field, select the company the request is for, and then click Next.
  4. Under New Support Incident, click the name of the product that you want to use Payment Services with, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Value (2012).
  5. In the Support Topic list, select Company-Wide Features (GAB, Workflow, Number Sequences, and so on).
  6. In the Sub-topic list, select Dynamics Online (site, commerce, and credit card, and then click Next.
  7. Review details for accuracy in the Contact information, Support contract information, and Product information areas and make any necessary updates.
  8. In the Please tell us about your problem area, provide our support team with details about the issue you are having.
  9. Click Submit.