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Celebrate Black History Month with these classroom resources

Microsoft offers a variety of free resources to support educators as they help students appreciate the achievements of Black and African American people during Black History Month.

Black history is American history, and honoring it in classrooms can create more understanding and inclusivity at school and beyond. And while it’s fitting to explore at any time of the year, Black History Month gives educators a focused opportunity to lead classroom conversations that can make the future that much brighter. 

To support educators as they help students explore, understand, and appreciate the rich history, experiences, contributions, and achievements of Black and African American people this Black History Month and beyond, we’re offering a variety of resources and events free of charge. 

From book club discussions to virtual field trips, the following list of options can help your students learn and lead with understanding to create a more inclusive world. 

Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) lessons

Minecraft offers free lessons where students can explore themes such as social justice, identity, and civil rights, and get an in-depth look into defining moments in Black history and the present-day fight for racial justice. What’s more, the lessons are bundled with extra resources that educators can use to further support their classroom conversations. 

Flipgrid Live Events

Through Flipgrid Live Events, you can take your students on an adventure with virtual field trips where they can connect with featured experts to learn more about Black history and culture. This month, we have some compelling and enlightening experiences in store, including: 

  • Decolonized Live! We Ate: Food & the Good Fight: On February 9, students of all ages can open their eyes to the significant role that food played in the Black diaspora’s fight for justice and in the well-being of their communities. Students will also be able to ask questions through a fully moderated chat. Register today to take part in the event! 

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Book Club Series 

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! (BGR!) is a movement dedicated to celebrating and empowering Black women and girls across the US. The BGR! Book Club expands on this mission by spotlighting insightful books and hosting virtual events—powered by Microsoft—where authors, BGR! alums, and the community at-large can engage in discussions surrounding each book’s thought-provoking themes. Through the book club, students also get access to interactive workshops centered on topics like STEM, leadership, creative writing, and business skills. 

  • BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Book Club Series: On February 16, 2022, tune in to BGR! Book Club for a discussion with Olivia V.G. Clarke—author of Black Girl, White School: Thriving, Surviving and No, You Can’t Touch My Hair (an Anthology)—as well as an accompanying creative workshop. Register here to attend and consider joining the book club to enjoy future events! 

Microsoft Store virtual events 

Free, virtual field trips from the Microsoft Store offer many engaging and fascinating ways for students of varying ages, grade levels, and interests to honor Black history and commemorate Black History Month, including: 

  • Rosa Parks Museum and Fireside Chat with Attorney Fred Gray: In this virtual event, students in grade three and above are transported to the Rosa Parks National Museum, where Parks’ famous arrest took place and a bed of historic artifacts reside. Students can hear firsthand accounts from Attorney Fred Gray, the lawyer to Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Register now to join us on February 22, 2022. 

Take part in these activities now, but remember: celebrating and learning about Black history isn’t just limited to Black History Month or the classroom. You can leverage and revisit these resources to help keep inclusivity and social justice front and center all year long.