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Learning Accelerators: tools for students

Microsoft 365 solutions for education can help students catch up, keep up, and get ahead.

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Explore a whole new category of tools

Learning Accelerators are seamlessly integrated into products you already know and love like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and more. With these powerful tools, students can start practicing right away, and you can start gathering data to help them get ahead. 

    Build foundational skills

    • Reading Coach

      Now you can give students more opportunities to practice reading with exercises from Reading Coach in Teams and Immersive Reader. Students can own their own learning with gentle guidance through pronunciation, syllabification, reading speed, and vocabulary recall. Reading Coach is particularly helpful at supporting students with a range of learning differences.

      Reading Coach is available now.

    • Reading Progress

      Reading Progress tracks students’ reading skills, gives educators actionable insights quickly, and focuses students on specific areas for improvement. By streamlining the reading assignment creation, review, and analysis process, teachers can spend more of their time on active instruction.

      Reading Progress is available now.

    • Reflect

      Microsoft Reflect is a tool within Teams that helps students identify and express how they feel in safe and fun ways, building their emotional vocabulary and giving educators the insights they need to provide active support. Students can learn how to navigate all kinds of emotions with the Feelings Monster, who helps find the right words to describe their feelings.  

      Reflect is available now.

    Jump-start career success

    • Search Coach

      Strengthening information literacy to distinguish fact from opinion is a key skill for students now and in their future careers. Search Coach helps students learn how to form effective search queries, find trusted sites with NewsGuard, and think critically about their results in an ad-free environment.

      Search Coach is available now.

    • Available 2023

      Search Progress

      Understanding online search tools is critical for students today. Search Progress helps teachers track the development of information literacy skills by creating a window into students’ search activity and behaviors while identifying ways to improve the quality of their search queries over time.

    • Available now in Teams

      Speaker Coach

      From classroom to career, presentation skills are important. Speaker Coach is a real-time coaching tool that helps evaluate key points of students’ public speaking performances and gives personalized feedback on details like pitch, use of filler words, and pacing without the stress of an audience.

      Speaker Coach is currently available in Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and LinkedIn.

    • Available 2024

      Speaker Progress

      With analytics from Speaker Coach, Speaker Progress allows teachers to clearly see data on students’ public speaking performances. They can track how presentation skills are improving at the individual, class, grade, and school levels while freeing up time for active instruction.

    Get actionable analytics

    With Learning Accelerators, educators and educational leaders have access to data and insights for individual students, multiple classrooms, and entire schools within Microsoft Teams. Education Insights Premium is now included in all Microsoft 365 Education plans.

    Insights for teachers

    Education Insights provides a clearer picture of student activity across multiple classrooms. It can track assignment turn-in and classroom engagement in a clear, actionable format that allows educators to see trends, help students, and save time.

    Insights for leaders

    Within Microsoft 365, Education Insights shows school leaders the bigger picture with data on student activity, class participation, and more, so they can make informed, effective decisions for their institutions.

    Get started with Learning Accelerators


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    With these powerful tools, students can start practicing right away, and you can save time creating, reviewing, and analyzing assignments to help get them ahead.


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    Frequently asked questions

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    Learning Accelerators is a new category of learning tools included in Microsoft 365 Education that helps streamline the creation, review, and analysis of practice assignments while providing students real-time coaching along the way to help them catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Learning Accelerators tools are designed to help educators unlock the full potential of every student with tools that support foundational and future-ready skills, allowing educators to give individual students more opportunities to learn, practice, and receive targeted coaching instantly in an inclusive environment to support ongoing improvement.

    Learning Accelerators cover two core areas: foundational and future-ready skills. 

    • Foundational skills include reading, numeracy, and emotional well-being. 
    • Future-ready skills include digital literacy (search) and presentation (speaking). 

    Learning Accelerators are available with our free version of Office 365 A1, as well as all our Microsoft 365 SKUs.  

    Explore our Learning Accelerators guide to help you get started.

    Yes, Learning Accelerators only require Microsoft Teams for Education, which is available on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Chrome OS, and iOS (including iPad OS). Teams can also be accessed through most web browsers.

    Practice data from Learning Accelerators is automatically collected in Education Insights and Education Insights Premium to make it easier for educators to track progress and take action. Education Insights provides a more holistic view for every student by connecting data from Learning Accelerators with student engagement, assignments, and emotional well-being in one app. Educators have the option of allowing students to see their performance in Education Insights, as well as the ability to customize the feedback they share with students with the Return to Student feature. Get detailed insights into key aspects of developing fluency for a particular skill.

    Reading Progress and Reading Coach have been awarded research-based design certifications from Digital Promise. Our teams have partnered with experts in each field to develop our Learning Accelerator tools. For example, we partnered with reading fluency experts, such as Dr. Tim Rasinski, Pam Allyn, Dr. Mark Seidenberg, and Dr. Timothy Shanahan, to develop Reading Progress and Reading Coach.

    • Immersive reader is available in over 50 languages to support ELL, non-native speakers, deaf learners, and those with auditory processing disorders or cognitive differences
    • Real-time translation in over 100 languages with PowerPoint Live translation 
    • Reading Progress and Reading Coach are supported in over 100 languages  

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