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Now more than ever, your students deserve equitable access to technology. Explore what’s new >

Microsoft higher education

In today’s landscape, it is more important than ever that higher education institutions reimagine the campus experience. Technology has a critical role in driving this transformation. Microsoft can help drive innovative student engagement, transform operations, and ensure a secure, connected campus to empower you to reimagine education.

Accelerate Hybrid Learning for Higher Education

Learn how colleges and universities have accelerated hybrid learning during the pandemic, discovering new ways to grow enrollment, reach more students, and engage digital natives.


Reimagining higher education as a student-centered experience

Learn how to make institutional processes more student-centered and personalized, and see what Microsoft is doing to enable all higher education institutions to engage and empower a diverse new generation of learners.

Case Study

Syracuse University empowers students to transform inclusion with AI

Syracuse’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) collaborated with Our Ability, empowering students to help create an AI-powered job search interface for people with disabilities.

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Smart technology solutions and resources for higher education

Enhance campus experiences, empower faculty, and harness data for better outcomes, all while meeting the expectations of mobile students in a connected world.

Accelerate academic research on the cloud

With an open, flexible, and global platform that supports multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks, Microsoft Azure helps researchers achieve faster results.

Boost campus safety and security

Protect your students and your campus with a full range of integrated higher education solutions and intelligent security.

Connect your campus with end-to-end solutions

Manage facilities, physical safety, transportation and parking, and more with solutions from Microsoft higher education.

Enhance student lifecycle and success management

Attract the best students, create optimum results, and elevate your institutional performance with Microsoft Higher Education solutions.

Plan your digital transformation

Develop a holistic, long-term strategy for digital transformation with the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework.


Get your students prepared for their careers

Support students with personalized career guidance

Help students identify career goals aligned with their passions, interests, and strengths by connecting them with alumni, peers, and faculty through Career Coach on Microsoft Teams, powered by LinkedIn.


Learning to code

Help students find the resources, training, and tools they need to learn to code and get ready for their future careers.

Using Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform

Prepare your students with the data skills they need to compete in the rapidly changing world of business and technology.

young male teacher working on a laptop

Becoming a developer

Point students to free online courses and hands-on tutorials to advance their coding and development skills.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy gives students in higher education the industry-recognized technology education, skills, and certifications employers are looking for.