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Modernize your campus with cloud solutions

Transform campus engagement with an integrated cloud that securely brings data together to improve student experiences and streamline operations.

A student-centered approach

Optimize outcomes and meet the needs of your students with Microsoft’s integrated cloud.

Harness your data

With Microsoft Dataverse as your data layer, you can bring together data from across campus into one centralized platform to inform decision-making, drive greater agility, and personalize student experiences.

Microsoft’s integrated cloud platform

Get intelligent infrastructure, dynamic engagement, and the collaboration and productivity tools you need on one secure foundation.


Be confident that your institution’s data and identities are secured on a trusted, intelligent platform that provides analytics with built-in AI and machine learning.

• Unify your identity management with Azure Active Directory
• Get analytics services including Azure Synapse and Azure Purview
• Generate tangible value for your institution with built-in AI and machine learning services
• Benefit from over $1 billion invested annually in security research and development

Power Platform

Deploy agile and flexible solutions for deeper personalization and efficiencies within your institution.

• Create custom apps to enable student engagement and simplify administrative tasks
• Leverage and share live data insights through interactive dashboards
• Automate time-consuming or manual tasks and processes
• Use chatbots to quickly answer questions and provide information at scale

Dynamics 365

Drive higher student satisfaction and save on costs with a full suite of CRM and ERP solutions that simplify and streamline your operations.

• Gain a 360-degree view of each student and their academic progress
• Improve experiences and results across recruitment, enrollment, retention, and alumni relations
• Strengthen student satisfaction within your institution’s service offerings
• Streamline administrative operations campus-wide

Microsoft 365

Engage your campus with a single productivity and collaboration solution for work, learning, and research—all with built-in security, privacy and compliance and familiar, everyday tools.

• Centralize file management, on-line classes, collaboration, and built-in accessiblity tools with Microsoft Teams
• Track student grades and performance, collect data-driven insights, and tailor instruction with Microsoft Teams integrated with Power BI
• Maximize student and staff productivity with familiar, Office apps and services 
• Get built-in security, privacy, and compliance functionality to meet your institution’s requirements

Customer Stories

“We’ve invested heavily in the Microsoft stack, and they’re one of the few technology companies that believes in education as much as we believe in it.”

Nick Gilbert, Chief Information and Digital Officer
University of Surrey

Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Cloud solutions are industry leaders on their own, but they’re even more powerful when combined. Combined, there are numerous benefits including a better end user experience, improved security, financial efficiencies, and IT transferable skills. From a user experience perspective, Microsoft’s integrated cloud enables a connected experience with familiar tools like email, chat, and more that can be orchestrated on the back end using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to drive automated and personalized experiences. All of this comes on a secure platform that leverages Azure Active Directory for identity management. From an IT perspective, many of the skills for IT transfer between cloud solutions, making it much easier for staff to work across solutions.

    Microsoft's integrated security platform provides market leading end-to-end extended detection and response (XDR) and SIEM/SOAR capabilities for modern higher education institutions. As schools innovate in their blended classrooms and across hybrid IT infrastructure, Microsoft cloud-powered, AI-enabled security tools can help schools do more with less. Schools require integrated, intelligent, and automated solutions that can help compensate for resourcing constraints, improve digital safety, and lay a solid foundation for Zero Trust Security. The Microsoft Security platform empowers schools by reducing financial risks caused by cyber-attacks and increasing cybersecurity insurance premiums while improving student safety and safeguarding student privacy.

      Data is at the center of everything an institution does today and powers the insights that can drive what it should do tomorrow. Without a unified data platform, you end up with information for key areas—from your SIS to your LMS —stored in a range of distinct silos that don’t talk to each other in useful ways. Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based, smart, secure, and scalable low-code data platform. Dataverse, integrates with your existing systems so you can start small with one workload as a trial and add other workloads over time, or deploy the full solution all at once. Whichever route you choose, we customize deployment for your systems and requirements. Dataverse includes a base set of standard tables that cover typical scenarios—such as student status, program level, course history, area of interest, and many more—but you can also create custom tables specific to your institution. Both standard and custom tables within Dataverse provide a secure, cloud-based, and central storage option for your data. (See more on information on What is Microsoft Dataverse? - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs)

      On Microsoft’s integrated cloud, your data becomes readily usable for a variety of applications, including Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and more. With your data speaking a common language, developing cutting-edge education solutions and harnessing analytics becomes easier than ever before.

      Additionally, Microsoft is building open-source modules for common higher education data sources and we and our Open Education Analytics (OEA) Partners are building higher education related open-source packages relevant to higher education use cases like enrollment and admissions modelling, and academically at-risk students. (See Welcome to OEA | Open Education Analytics)