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Support students outside the classroom with social and emotional learning

As schools, educators, and students transition to remote learning, the right tools, training, and resources can help you continue to support the wellbeing of your students even when they’re not within the classroom.

OECD Launches results from the world-first ever international comparative survey into Social and Emotional Skills

Watch the launch event of this world-first survey, featuring information about the scope, approach and findings from OECD Director for Education and Skills. Andres Schleicher, followed by a discussion with an international panel of education leaders and SES experts.

Supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Microsoft Teams

Download our five-step journey to integrate SEL into your classroom and make learning enjoyable for all with assistive technologies and learning tools.

Social-emotional skills learning path

Learn how to create student-centered classrooms that help build the emotional intelligence students will need for their future.

Reflect in Teams

Reflect creates a space for students to grow their emotional vocabulary and learn to express their feelings. We have worked with social and emotional experts to create a list of 51 different emotions brought to life by the Feelings Monster, an illustrated character to help students expand their emotional vocabulary.

Teaching happiness

Explore how educators can prepare students for life after graduation in this on-demand webinar series.

Prepare students with the right tools for social and emotional learning

Help students develop future-ready skills like self and social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making with powerful technology from Microsoft.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Find out how you can help your students take a breath in Minecraft: Education Edition - Mindful Knight lesson, in this episode of You Can in :90.

Listen to the Educator Insider podcast episode on The Mindful Knight

Hear about the new Minecraft: Education Edition lesson that helps students practice mindfulness.

Engage and amplify, anytime and anywhere, with Flipgrid.

Learn how students across ages, abilities, and confidence levels can come alive as they express their thoughts and creativity through short, social videos in response to educator-defined discussion prompts.

Connect all your learners with Flipgrid

In less than 2 minutes, learn how you can foster creative discussion and engage all your learners using Flipgrid. Help your students express themselves and their emotions through video, in an engaging social environment.

Listen to a podcast episode on building social and emotional skills with Flipgrid

Hear one educator’s story about how she’s using Flipgrid to help students build social and emotional skills and amplify their voice.

Transform learning with Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to introduce your students to new ideas with challenging lessons that use collaboration to build the critical teamwork and engagement skills they’ll need.

You can in :90 with Microsoft Teams

Get started with Microsoft Teams in less than two minutes with these easy-to-follow videos. Learn how to connect, collaborate, communicate, and engage students— from anywhere and on any device.

Listen to a podcast episode on Microsoft tools for remote learning

Hear some real-world examples of remote learning in action using Microsoft Teams and other technologies and tools.

Watch more “You Can in :90” videos from Microsoft Education

This video series features 90 second "How To" videos based on your top requested tips and tricks using Microsoft Education's technology in education.


Connect to the Microsoft Education resources and support you need

Promote social and emotional learning with resources and tools created just for educators.

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Get Office 365 for free

Unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple, safe experience with the affordable solution built for education using Office 365 Education, that includes Microsoft Teams.

Calendar of webinars, training, events

Find free training, webinars, and online events in the education calendar, and see what is coming next.

Prioritize social-emotional learning with innovative solutions from Microsoft Education partners

Continue to support the wellbeing of your students—wherever they’re learning—with low-cost and free apps from Microsoft Education partners that help give students the tools they need to be creative, confident, and optimistic learners.