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Social and Emotional Learning for Student Success

Help students develop growth mindset, navigate their emotions, and build a foundation for success.

Social-emotional skills learning path

Learn how to create student-centered classrooms that help build the emotional intelligence students will need for their future.

Building emotional intelligence through play

Minecraft Education is a game-based platform that inspires creative and inclusive learning through play. It can help students explore topics like history, math, and even mental health.

Supporting SEL with Microsoft Teams

Download our five-step journey to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into your classroom and make learning enjoyable for all with assistive technologies and learning tools.

Microsoft Reflect

Reflect is a Learning Accelerator that helps students build important social, emotional, and academic skills. It offers quick check-ins, age-appropriate reflections, intentional brain breaks, and actionable data in the Reflect web app, or Microsoft 365 learning apps.


Calm activities now in Reflect

Calm, the leading mental health brand with the #1 app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation, is the official launch partner for mindfulness content in Reflect. We’ve integrated Calm mindfulness and movement activities into Reflect. Additionally, students and educators can get Calm for 40% off.  

Educator wellness

To effectively teach SEL skills, educators first need space to reflect personally and recognize their skills and opportunities for growth. Use Reflect in Staff Teams to take the temperature of your school ecosystem and ensure that educators' own needs are being met so they can invest the best of themselves in teaching.

Learning progress

Self-awareness and self-management are critical skills for life-long learning. With Reflect, students can practice asking for help and develop a growth mindset through honestly evaluating their effort, motivation, and progress.

SEL check-ins

One-on-one attention has an enormous impact on students' engagement, learning, and well-being. Make check-ins part of your routine to give each of your students a place to share their feelings and give yourself data to track their status, progress, and needs.

Build social and emotional learning with Flip

Help students develop future-ready skills like self and social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making with powerful technology from Microsoft.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

SEL experts explain how social-emotional learning in the classroom helps students develop critical life skills. Learn how to use Flip in SEL curriculums.


Mindfulness in Minecraft

Through collaborative gameplay, Minecraft Education offers students opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and have fun in an engaging digital environment.

The Mindful Knight

A Journey In Social Emotional Learning

Embark on an epic journey of self-discovery with Mindful Knight in Minecraft Education. The interactive environment encourages students to make responsible choices during social interactions, guiding them towards becoming mindful social participants.

Build Your Emotion

A Minecraft Education Build Challenge

In this Minecraft lesson, students are able to share their feelings through a self-guided build. They can reflect on how they are feeling, and share this in a creative and unique Minecraft build.

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