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Leap into summer learning with a game from Microsoft

Child playing a game on a computer.
Get the free summer learning game Leaps and Logs from Microsoft Education. Leap into summer learning with innovative challenges and creating with AI.

School may be out for summer in many places across the northern hemisphere, but learning doesn’t have to end! Our free summer learning game for students, Leaps and Logs, is back again this year. We’ve updated the experience with new, innovative challenges, including some that feature creating with AI. Students can play a friend, neighbor, family member, or by themselves, completing fun learning tasks as they go.

In this summer learning game, players take on challenges across various subjects including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Coding, and Arts/Music. After completing each activity, players share their newfound knowledge or creations with fellow players or family members, ensuring that learning goes beyond just ticking off boxes on a list.

The free summer learning activities in Leaps and Logs can be completed by students of most ages (age 8 or older recommended). Whether students try to build AI-powered inventions in Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI, personalize their own story using Reading Coach online, or organize a trip within a specific budget using Microsoft Copilot, there are a variety of tasks to choose from that will encourage students to be creative and think critically. Players may aim to complete one or two rounds of play a day, extending their game play throughout the summer.

Two ways to play Leaps and Logs

Students can engage with Leaps and Logs in two different ways: digitally or on paper (with access to a device for embedded task links). Full game directions and a game board can be found by downloading Leaps and Logs.

The free summer learning activities in the Leaps and Logs game encourage students to be creative and think critically.

Playing digitally

  • Download the game board and task lists and upload them as a document into Microsoft Whiteboard. To upload, select “New Whiteboard” then select “Document” from the lower panel. Find the Leaps and Logs Game file that was downloaded, then select the gameboard page.
  • Change the title of the whiteboard by selecting the dropdown arrow next to “Whiteboard” and typing in the text box. When renaming is complete, select the checkmark in the text box to save your new title.
  • In the whiteboard, select shapes or upload images from the side panel to use as moveable game pieces.
  • Roll one die using this digital dice roller. Be sure to unselect Dice 2 and Dice 3 to roll just one die.

Upload the Leaps and Logs gameboard to Microsoft Whiteboard and use shapes or images as game pieces.

Playing on paper

  • Download and print the game board. The challenge tasks can also be printed, but students will need a digital version to access the embedded links.
  • Assign players game pieces or small objects to move around the printed gameboard.
  • Use one six-sided die (or this digital dice roller) to determine the number of spaces to move.
  • Ensure that the gameboard and pieces are kept in a safe place where they won’t be moved or use a pencil to mark where each player ended their turn.

How to share with students

Whether your classroom is still buzzing with activity or students have already left for the school year, here are some ways you can share the Leaps and Logs summer learning game with students and families.

  • Share the link to this blog post with families at end of the year events.
  • Post information about the game on a classroom website, school social media page, or Microsoft Teams for Education announcement.
  • Provide students with a printed copy of the game and instructions on how to access Leaps and Logs.
  • Add the link to this blog post to your classroom or school newsletter.
  • Help students begin game play as individuals, in pairs, or small groups to start their journey.

Keep learning going and kids entertained this summer with our free Leaps and Logs game! Download Leaps and Logs to get started with summer learning activities from Microsoft Education.