Windows 11 SE for Education

The new, cloud-first operating system— Windows 11 SE, built for Education. The affordable and simple way to help make learning accessible to every student.

Now more than ever your students deserve equitable access to technology

Windows 11 SE for education is built for teachers who need a simple, distraction-free environment for their students and for school IT admins who need devices that are secure, easy to deploy and manage, and perform well all day across the changing conditions of a school year. The cloud-first operating system is optimized to deliver great education experiences and catered to the unique needs of K-8 education. Use this lightweight operating system in your classroom to encourage collaboration and save money on data storage space.

Controlled app installation
Full screen app launch
Cloud-first storage + 1 TB
Better battery life

Built for education, affordability, and inclusivity

Microsoft’s education solutions work on any device, but the best experiences come together on a Windows PC. Explore our devices catalog to find the solutions that work best for your school, like Microsoft Surface Laptop SE—our most affordable Surface PC built to bring Windows 11 SE for education to life.

Windows 11 for Education

Reimagined for a new era of digital learning. Windows 11 helps unlock the full potential of every student with tools to learn, collaborate, and create all in a secure and trusted environment.

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Which Windows is right for your school?

Learn the differences between Windows 11 SE for education and Windows 11, to find the best learning environment for your students. Windows 11 SE has the benefits of a lightweight cloud-first operating system with the same power and reliability of Windows 11.

Frequently asked questions

Windows 11 SE is a new, cloud-first operating system, Windows 11 SE offers the power and reliability of Windows 11 with a simplified design and modern management tools that are optimized for low-cost devices in educational settings, especially grades K-8.

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    There are 3 editions of Windows for Education—Windows 11 SE, Windows 11 Pro Education, and Windows 11 Education. Windows 11 SE is a cloud-first edition of Windows 11, and it was designed to meet the special needs of K-8 education. With a cloud operating system, Windows 11 SE for Education is optimized to deliver great education experiences on low-cost devices, removing distractions, so students stay focused. Additionally, only IT administrators can install apps on Windows 11 SE computers, which gives enhanced control to IT managers, so devices perform well all year.
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    With Windows 11 Pro Education, students and other end users can install apps on their device. Windows 11 Pro Education is what comes pre-loaded on devices purchased through the Shape the Future Program >

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