AI Builder December update

The December update to AI Builder adds even more capabilities for makers, with a new control in Power Apps, trial extension, new supported regions, and a way to better discover models that are ready to use instantly within Power Automate.

Text Recognizer in Power Apps

Text Recognizer is a new AI Builder feature available in preview. Text Recognizer enables you to detect and extract printed or handwritten text that appears in images. It is now available in Power Apps as a new AI Builder control. It allows any Power Apps maker to build an app that can take a picture then extract text from it. This is very useful in a wide variety of scenarios, such as recognizing the identification number on machines, printed information on packages, and handwritten notes.


You can now extend your expired trials. This gives you 30 additional days to test and experiment with AI Builder premium features. Click the ‘Extend trial’ button on the AI Builder Build page to enjoy full access.

Region expansion

AI Builder is expanding support to two additional regions: Asia and Canada. Feature support will vary based on location. For a breakdown of the release status for AI Builder features in your region, see Feature availability by region.

Build page

Models that are ready to use and don’t require any training are now presented on the AI Builder homepage. These capabilities can be used in Power Automate or Power Apps.