Announcing command designer with Power Fx (preview)

For the first time ever you can customize command bars in model-driven apps without code! These new capabilities play a major role in the convergence of canvas and model-driven apps (just announced). Introducing the first ever command designer – complete with Power Fx for expressing powerful low-code logic in model-driven apps.

Commanding GIF


These new capabilities are a complete re-imagination of commanding (formerly known as the “Ribbon”) for model-driven apps. It’s built on a new,  modern infrastructure that’s conducive to both model-driven and canvas app technologies and will scale into the future.

Key improvements

  • Enhances custom pages (or the convergence of canvas and model-driven apps)
    • Open a custom page as a dialog
      • You can also trigger cloud flows from a button on the custom page
  • Power Fx support for visibility and action logic
    • Or use JavaScript for more advanced logic (you may also continue using existing JavaScript as-is)
  • Command designer simplifies customization – whether low-code or pro-code
  • Better ALM support along with standardized localization and presence in the solution interface
  • Better app level control – commands are applied to individual apps
  • Simple, flat data model
  • Classic commands remain supported, Apps can run both classic + modern commands side by side
    • No forced migration
    • Arrange modern commands amongst existing classic commands

Commanding opening a Custom Page dialog
Please note these are preview features and the intent is to provide early access and collect feedback while we work to incorporate additional functionality. This new infrastructure does not yet support many things you may want to do – nor does it have full parity with classic commanding capabilities. We invite you to join us in this journey that is only just beginning. 
Please also note these features may not be available in your region yet.

Special thanks to Scott Durrow, MVP and creator of the Ribbon Workbench, for the close partnership in the re-imagination of commanding.

Leave your feedback below or in the community for what you like or dislike as well as what features are missing for your use cases.

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Command designer overview
Custom page overview