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Announcing public preview for in-app notifications in model-driven apps

Model-driven apps now have the ability to notify users while working within the web or mobile app.  You will see all received notifications in a notification center with an indication of new notifications shown on the bell in the header and a new notification count.

Notification toast and bell with new notification count

Mobile notification toast and new notification count

When new notifications arrive, the a badge count is shown on the bell icon in the header. Clicking the bell icon opens the notification center to show latest notifications first. To enable this feature, makers need to opt-in to show the notification center and toasts to users for each model-driven app.

Notification center opened from the bell icon

Notifications are sent by creating a record in the Notification table for the user using any of the table APIs or Power Automate.  The notification sender also define navigation links, formatting, and custom icons to make a custom notification. Examples of different notifications are in Send in-app notifications within model-driven apps.

More information on the end user experience is in In-app notifications in model-driven apps. The feature has rolled out through the public clouds and will soon be available in additional regions. We look forward to your feedback on in-app notifications through the community post Feedback on In-App Notification public preview.