Announcing updates to the Power Platform VS Code Extension and the Power Platform Command line

We are delighted to announce an update to our VS Code extension, that we launched as public preview on May 25th and the updated Power Platform Command Line (CLI).  Based on the feedback, we have made some fixes and are releasing an update to the VS Code extension and the Power Platform CLI. Please go to the following URLs to install the bits:

New and noteworthy

First, we have updated the canvas pack and unpack commands in the current update. This means that all the source folders generated from the earlier build of unpacking *.msapp files cannot be packed with this update i.e.

If you had the previous version of the VS Code extension and unpacked an *.msapp file, which generated an <msapp filename>_src folder , as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1: The unpacked *.msapp file

Then you will not be able to pack the contents with the new updated canvas app.

If you have made any updates to the *.fx.yml files, we recommend that you copy the source folder where *.fx.yml files are, to a different location

Figure 2: The Source folder for the *.fx.yml file in the CanvasApps folder

Update your Power Platform CLI or Power Platform Extension for VS Code. Unpack the MSapp file again and overwrite the SRC folder within the new unpacked <*msapp_src> folder.

In addition, we have made the following changes for PCF in the update:

  • Visual Premium indicator for code components that use external services and will help makers understand licensing implications upfront when sourcing custom controls
  • Lookup data type support to help code-first developers build Lookup Control type and configure the lookup column type properties of the control
  • Multi-select option set data type can now be used to build custom code component to replace multi-select option type field.

For more details please on the PCF changes please go to the following link:

and please provide us feedback on the CLI and the VS Code extension to

and please submit your issues with the VS Code extension at the following location: