Copilot now powers all app descriptions

We are excited to announce the Public Preview of Copilot-generated app descriptions in Power Apps. Copilot will now generate a description for every app that is missing a description within Managed Environments. These Copilot-generated descriptions will show up in a new grid view in Power Apps Maker Portal, making it easier than ever for users to discover new apps. Copilot-generated descriptions are rolling out to all apps in the US region this week.

Copilot-generated app descriptions

Using the powers of AI, Copilot is now able to take your low-code app and provide a brief description that captures how end-users within your organization can use your app to increase their productivity. Makers can always review these descriptions and modify if Copilot didn’t quite get it right. These descriptions will help IT admins support the apps in their organizations in a scalable way and make apps more discoverable for end-users and increase app usage. There’s no need for users to guess what an app does based on the app name or launch the app to confirm it’s the one they’re looking for. Copilot inspects all code in the app and provides a succinct summary of what the app does.

Building this capability was not easy especially when it came to large app sizes. To work around the input size limitations of Large Language Models (LLMs), the team defined an app graph that could be broken up into several discrete pieces. The LLM describes each piece separately and then performs a final summarization.

We are excited to unlock this capability, so that makers can focus on building apps and let Copilot make their apps more discoverable for end-users.

GIF of auto-generation of app descriptions with descriptions appearing in new apps grid view

Apps Grid View

We are excited that as part of this release, users will have a richer experience discovering apps with the new grid view. This will feature maker and Copilot-generated app descriptions in a more prominent card view. Try it out by clicking on the grid button in the Apps tab within Maker Portal

graphical user interface, application

What’s Next

While this Public Preview feature is currently limited to U.S. environments, we are planning to expand the capabilities of Copilot across geographic regions with support for different languages.