Streamline your governance and environment strategy using Default Environment Routing (preview)

We are excited to announce the public preview of Default Environment Routing, a new Managed Environments feature that allows Power Platform admins to automatically direct new makers into their own personal developer environment when they visit for the first time. Default environment routing offers new makers a personal, safe space to build with Microsoft Dataverse, without the fear of others accessing their apps or data.

Default Environment Routing will allow admins to place their makers in a healthy Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) state from day one by directing them into their own personal developer environment instead of the default environment. With Power Platform pipelines, admins can also create a release pipeline from the created personal developer environment to production. This feature will help customers streamline their environment strategy and offer administrators more control over their makers.

Environment Routing

For new makers up until now, the default environment serves as their home environment, which offers a seamless experience and accelerates innovation with the Power Platform. Establishing the same governance guardrails for all the makers in a single shared environment, however, gets more challenging as the maker base of any business grows. Administrators also have a challenge monitoring and managing all the assets in the default environment at scale.

Default Environment Routing is an essential tool for tenant administrators, providing them with the ability to manage their makers’ environment according to their specific governance requirements. This feature will help them to optimize their environment strategy, making it more efficient and secure for both makers and the organization. Admins can customize the governance rules and policies for each individual maker or business unit in their own developer environment as per their needs.


Default environment routing is a tenant-level, admin setting that:

  • Is enabled by Power Platform admins only.
  • Requires that the Developer environment assignment setting is enabled for Everyone
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  • Requires the use of Managed Environment, since all of the newly created environments will be managed. Users in a managed developer environment will require premium licenses to run Power Platform assets.

Enable the Default environment routing setting

The Default environment routing setting is disabled by default and must be enabled using Power Platform admin center or PowerShell.

Enable the feature in Power Platform admin center

  1. In the Power Platform admin center, in navigation pane, select Settings.
  2. On the Tenant settings page, select Environment routing (preview).
  3. In the Environment routing pane, turn on the Create personal developer environments for new makers option.

This feature enables the automatic creation of a personal, developer environment for all of your Power Apps new makers when they first launch The definition of a new maker is limited to the makers who visit for the first time. Returning makers who have visited the site before aren’t impacted. The created developer environment will be managed by default and the new makers are assigned the admin role in their newly created developer environments.


  • Any maker can build apps in the managed developer environments created through default environment routing without requiring a premium license. Nevertheless, since Managed Environments is not included as an entitlement in the Developer Plan, every user who runs assets in these environments will require a premium license. More information on the Managed environments and the Developer plan can be found here
  • Non-managed Developer environments are unaffected by the above stated premium license requirements. You can learn more about the developer environment and developer plan here.

Looking forward

Our roadmap includes configuring user roles as well as the automatic configuration of Managed Environments and DLP settings for all new Development environments created through environment routing. Keep an eye out for our release notes where we announce Power Platform new features. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience on the Power Platform, and we are excited to see how our customers will use Default Environment Routing to optimize their environment strategy. To learn more, please check out our updated documentation for the Default environment routing here

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