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Develop a tenant environment strategy to adopt Power Platform at scale

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest white paper, “Develop a tenant environment strategy to adopt Power Platform at scale”, available now on Microsoft Learn. This comprehensive guidance is designed to help organizations effectively manage and optimize their Power Platform environments, ensuring they can leverage the full potential of their Power Platform investments.

Every organization’s journey to adopt Microsoft Power Platform is unique. A tenant environment strategy lays the foundation to help accelerate usage in a manageable and secure fashion. An effective environment strategy is crucial for maintaining control, ensuring security, and maximizing efficiency. Our white paper delves into the key components of such a strategy, offering actionable insights and best practices for organizations of all sizes. This white paper shows you how to align your Power Platform tenant environment strategy with the product capabilities and vision and how to best use the latest features of the platform to implement a strategy that can allow your adoption of Power Platform to reach enterprise scale.

Key highlights of the white paper 

  1. Understanding Environment Types: Learn about the different types of environments available in Power Platform, including Production, Sandbox, and Developer environments, and how to use them effectively.
  2. Governance and Compliance: Discover best practices for establishing governance policies, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and maintaining data security across all environments.
  3. Environment Lifecycle Management: Explore strategies for managing the lifecycle of your environments, from creation to decommissioning, to ensure they remain efficient and relevant.
  4. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies: Understand the importance of DLP policies in protecting sensitive information and how to implement them within your Power Platform environments.
  5. Monitoring and Maintenance: Gain insights into monitoring the health and performance of your environments and learn about maintenance tasks that keep your solutions running smoothly.
  6. Scaling and Performance Optimization: Find out how to scale your environments to meet growing demands and optimize performance for better user experiences.

Access the white paper on Microsoft Learn and start building a robust environment strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals and needs.

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We invite you to explore the white paper and share your thoughts with us. How has Power Platform transformed your business? What challenges have you faced in managing your environments? Reach out to us at powerpnp@microsoft.com.